10 Questions With… Let Them Fall Musuk.co.uk 20/10/2015


Let Them Fall were lovely enough to allow us to ask them 10 questions to publish on our new website http://www.musuk.co.uk. Here are the results below. Please feel free to send us feedback and let us know if there are any questions YOU, the fans, want to ask. Enjoy.

1)      How did you all meet and become the band that you are?

We started to play together in 2010 as a group of friends and we passed through various line-up changes. At present we reached a solid and lasting situation.

2)      What was the influence to have a female vocalist?

As far as our vocalist is concerned, our main influences regarding the style are female fronted bands like Walls Of Jericho, All For Nothing, ecc..

3)      Have you ever toured outside of Italy?

In 2013 we toured Slovakia hitting various cities, including the capital Bratislava. It was a lovely and productive experience.

4)      When Gigging, Do you play any cover songs?

We used to cover bands like Stick To Your Guns and Walls Of Jericho but for the future shows we’d like to offer an entirely original set

5)      Where is the best Gig you have played?

We played in Vicenza once, an Italian city, and it was great. We received a lot of support and love and we hope to come back there as soon as possible.

6)      What bands influence you to play the Genre that you play?

Our sound is definitely inspired by bands like The Ghost Inside, Architects and Walls Of Jericho

7)      Do you have set rehearsing days, such as once a week? (where,when)

We got our little garage in Grosseto, our city. This is where we do rehearsals once or twice a week and where we compose our music.

8)      If I wanted to sit down and write a song, What tips would you give me?

The main advice we would give to you is: Do not impose yourself any kind of limit in composing your stuff, and keep listening to all genres you’re into. The more you listen, the more you gain knowledge and learn to control your creativity.

9)      By the end of 2016! Where would you like to be as a band??

For the time being our goal is to play and compose as more as possible. By the end of 2016 we hope to have improved our skills as musicians, and to have found our own sound.

10)   Anything you wish to tell your Fans? (news,tours etc.)

We’re working on something special for the next months and we’re obviously looking for gigs. We invite you to follow us on our socials and keep listening to our EP. Thank you for all the support!

To listen to Let Them Fall please go to:





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