asks Ashley Krouse – 10 Questions

We had a great opportunity for this session of 10 Questions. We had a brief chat with an LA Music Award winner for Female Vocalist of the Year and fortunately for us, she was more than happy to do this us!

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Hey Ashley! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask you 10 Questions. We know you have a very busy schedule and appreciate this a lot

Q –  How old were you when you started singing and knew this is what you want to do?

A –  I started singing as soon as I could talk. My parents tell stories of me in my car seat or over their shoulder in the car singing all the words to James Taylor as a toddler. I continued music through school, choir in elementary school, and a touring show choir in high school. I am also a dancer, so the performing arts were a huge part of my identity and moulded me as far as my future was concerned. As an adult a took a few years off of my passions to get a “real job” but my soul was not happy. Even though I started performing again, I sang everybody’s music for so long and just knew I needed more. I started writing and with the help of my band and co-writers, I have found my sound. I feels so good to sing from what’s inside of you.

Q – You have been nominated for LA Music Awards previously, but what was going through your head when you found out that you had won the LA Music Award for Female vocalist of the year?

A – I performed at the Awards show and at the end of the song, they walked on stage and presented me with the award. It was definitely unexpected! It felt great! I knew God had me right where He wanted me. It’s always an amazing feeling to be recognized for your talents.

Q – What other Artists/Band influence you, to make you want to do, what you do?

A – There are too many to list! 🙂 I mentioned James Taylor before, he is the Mecca of singer songwriter and I grew up listening to him. Being a dancer as well, Micheal Jackson was always a HUGE influence. His musicality is unmistakable, there is alot to learn from him no matter the genre you create. As far as genre’s are concerned there are two power women who influence me big time! Susan Tedeschi from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Bonnie Raitt. The power, grit, and incredible combo of blues, rock, country, and soul that come through with both of those artists is exactly what I want to embrace and portray as my own.

Q –  If you could collaborate with any artist/band past or present, who would it be and why?

A – Do I have to pick one?? Past, I have to say Michael Jackson. It was always a fantasy of mine to be the female counter part on his music. Present, I think Marc Broussard would be great to collaborate with. He also embodies the same “feel” in his music I hope to portray. I think we could do something really groovy and powerful together

Q –  We know that you are a health enthusiast, what tips would you give us on keeping fit and healthy?

A – Health tips, let’s see. My motto most of the time is, if you can grow it or kill it, you can eat it. I’m also a huge supporter of natural, science based supplementation. I rarely, and I mean rarely, if ever, take anything over the counter or prescription. I also don’t deny myself food, I love food! So I keep my metabolism up with a leucine based protein and keep active. Whole foods, and supplements keep me healthy.

Q – Have you ever played any gigs outside of The United States of America?

A – I haven’t! It is a goal though. My sister is also a musician, and is based in London, so hopefully we can get out there and play some shows soon!

Q – You do an have done a lot of gigs, Do you have a favourite venue?

A – I always love outdoor venues, but I have to say I played a show last night at a listening room called Room5 in Los Angeles. It’s small, intimate and gives an opportunity to get a true reaction from the audience. You can see their faces and reactions while you are playing and there’s nothing like watching someone “feel” your music. I really enjoyed it.

Q – You have a new single out which has been hugely promoted all over social media called “Take me to Hollywood”, Out of all of your songs, Do you have a preferred one, and why?

A – “Take me to Hollywood” is definitely a favourite. I just love the groove of that song, however! There is a new one coming soon called “Spirit of the City” and I am SO excited to get it finished in the studio. You guys are going to love it.

Q – What can we expect from Ashley Krouse in the upcoming 2016!?

A – Big things, fingers crossed! Release of the full EP, music videos, local touring, and merchandise. Exposure is huge, so getting in front of as many audiences as possible is definitely the goal!

Q – Is there anything you wish to tell your Fans and ?

A – Awe man, thank you! Thank you for your support and belief in what we are trying to do. It is truly a leap of faith and a vulnerable place to put trust in people who dont know you personally to judge weather or not what you put into your music is “working for them or not” and to know that people are diggin it and willing to share and purchase downloads is more than humbling. So, thank you! Feedback both positive and constructive are always welcomed. Thanks again ❤

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