MusUk – 10 Questions with Arizona’s Own Sound of Metal……Artesyn!

At we do like a bit of Artesyn, and that is why we have asked you for this!, We appreciate the opportunity and would firstly like to thank you.

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Q –  The usual 1st Question, When and how did Artesyn meet?

A – We all got together, collectively, last year in October of 2014. One of the guitarists, LP7 found me (Keith Morgan) on craigslist and since then we grabbed the remaining members Sean Donnelly, Wynel, and Wyatt Irvin.

Q –  You play metal? Why has Artesyn chose that Genre of music?

A – We didn’t just sit down one day and said hey, “Metal only”! I think we all subconsciously allowed Artesyn to create itself. The majority of us obviously draw influences from metal/ melodic, and hardcore bands. I think this is the main reason why we sound like we do.

Q –  For being a relevantly new band, Artesyn seem to be pretty popular throughout social media, Why do you think that is?

A – We have made it a point to promote ourselves to the best of our ability and use all resources possible. It is so hard to get noticed in the industry today because there is simply too much competition. We’ve had amazing help from close friends of ours who have been the best as far as getting our name out there, especially on twitter.

Q –  Every band likes a party! But not every band knows what ColdCock Whiskey is. How would you tempt me into trying it?

A – Well I think the simplest way to do that is to come to one of our shows! We sold out of coldcock at the last venue we played at for our debut show right after our set. We know how to get down!

Q – How did the whole thing that Artesyn have with ColdCock Whiskey come about?

A – Well long story short, our amazing friends we found via twitter (Danielle P, Jennifer W, and James Brennan) convinced us to put in an app with Coldcock whiskey. James Brennan knew someone who worked for them and was able to put in a good word for us!

Q – We dont get ColdCock Whiskey here in the UK, If I give you my home address, you think you can send a bottle or two over?

A – Absolutely! We would love to do that for you.

Q – How and When does Artesyn write a song?

A – The song writing process starts randomly with myself (Keith Morgan) and (LP7) We both play guitar. Basically we get together on our own time, we through some riffs out and attempt to throw a song together. From there we take the rough cut version, we take it to band practice at our studio and our drummer throws down a beat to it.

Q – If I said “Artesyn! I am going to write a song” What tips would you give me?

A – Good luck… haha for us I have noticed that the more people you involve in the song writing process, the better results you get. You may like what you wrote but someone else in the band may hear something else that may work better. Let it evolve and be open to ideas.

Q – Artesyn’s latest single “Nautilus” is a great track, I personally like the BFMV influence on the drums. Is the response from when it was released, as expected, or better than expected??

A – This is what we would consider a soft release of Nautilus. It’s just a demo cut which we put out to our immediate fans and anyone else who would like to listen to it on reverbnation. We didn’t get an overwhelming response but it was expected. When we head back to the studio to throw down and record our LP, that’s when we plan on putting major bucks down to record and promote while we do gigs as well as online promo.

Q – Do you have anything to tell and your Fans out there!?

A – We love what we do! We are getting ready to go on tour, we are currently campaigning to raise money for a van/ trailer. Check out our campaign here We also wanted to shout out to all our street teams on twitter for your major support you guys have given us already! Shout out to Dani, Jennifer, and James! Thanks guys!

Official Artesyn Website

Artesyn’s Twitter

Artesyn on ReverbNation

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