MusUk’s 10 Questions with “The Synthesizer Superstar” Ralphy! are absolutely loving the tracks, especially “lover”. John @ MusUk describes it as “If Madonna or Kylie was to do a collaboration with The Pet Shop Boys or Jeffree Star.

Wow! I LOVE that. What a compliment. Thank You so Much! oxoxo

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Thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions for us and for your fans.

Q – At which point of your life did you realise that music is what you wanted to pursue?

A – It sounds cliché, but honestly I have always wanted to be a performer. I started dancing at the age of 3 years old, then moved onto musical theatre from primary school through to high school. It was in high school that I started song writing, at around the age of 13. It was then that I first felt the power of being able to move an audience and make people feel something. Although my style has totally developed from those days, it was then that I knew this is what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. So I have never stopped and I never will stop.

Q – Your sound is what we call “Unique”. What genre would you most associate your music with?

A – Definitely Pop with an Underground Electro influence. I’am all about the sass and a bit of sexy fun. I love you keep it fun and energetic with a subtle dark and edgy undertone.

Q – Why have you chosen to perform this genre?

A – I think I have always just been drawn to Pop because it is a genre that allows so much freedom of expression and creativity. For me it is of course about my music but my performing is so so important to me too. Pop hits all the senses, its audio and sound but it is also visual. I have a styling and fashion background so being able to express those parts of me in my costumes and props is just so much fun. 

Q – We are aware that you are very popular amongst the LA gay club scene. If you are aware of how that came about, can you share it with us?

A – The gay community just seem to get me, they get my vibe, my lyrics, my costumes. They love that I stand for equality not just equality for the gay community, but for humanity in general. It has just happened organicly. Many of my closest friend are gay and I think they naturally gravitate towards me because not only do I get them, but they get me. They get my energy and my message. I think we all just fit and I just love them all so much.

Q – Your new track “Lover” is a very popular single. You can find it all over social media. Has it been written for anybody in particular?

A- The song is about gay lovers standing strong and free on the dance floor. It is just a fun song which embraces how love connections are made when we lose our inhibitions on the dance floor. It is sexy, it is fun and you cannot help to dance and feel the beat.

Q – Since the release of “Lover”, Has it had the response that you expected, or better?

A – Yeah, That is a great question because I was really worried about being boxed in with the strong gay references but the response has been overwhelmly positive right across the board. In fact, even my 93 year old grandfather loves it. 

Q – are all for gay marriage, equal rights and responsibilities. We find it disgusting that there are still individuals out there in the world today discriminating against this. We previously said that you are very popular to the LA gay scene. Have you ever been judged by any other band/artist or individual for this?

A – Not that I am aware of but then I would never associate with the type of person who might have those views. It is just part of who I am, to surround myself with people who are positive and progressive.

Q – What artists inspire you and are your biggest influence?

A – Madonna, Kylie Minogue, David Bowie, Gold Frapp. Daniel John recent album “Talk” blew my mind. Cindi Lauper. Just all the legends, you know!

Q – If you could do a collaboration with anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

A – Oh do I have to pick one person? Let me think, hmmmm, I think I would have to say David Bowie! He is just so talented and I love his ability to transform his performances each and every time in a way that is current. I love his creativity that he oozes and his commitment to performing. So it would have to be him. I mean his costumes are so so good.

Q – Is there anything at all that you would like to say to and all of your adoring fans?

A – Thank you to everybody for the support. Obviously with them there is no music and no message.

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