MusUk does 10 Questions with Brooklyn’s *Shinobi Ninja*

Hey, Wow a “10 Questions” with Brooklyn’s Finest, Shinobi “Mother Fu**ing” Ninja! This was the first band we contacted when opened its doors, We thought we would try a popular band first and BOOM!, they hit us back with these answers to share with all of you guys! Enjoy the read!

Hey Danielle. Thanks for the awesome questions. Here is our answers back from our lead singers Duke Sims & Baby G!!!

Much Love!!!

Q – How did the name Shinobi Ninja come about (John_Musuk, thinks it is something to do with Lost Prophets)

A – DUKE SIMS: Its from the video game Shinobi. Classic Video game. Loved it growing up. Still love it. Love to love ya baby!!!

Q – How did the band meet, and who’s idea was it to form?

A – DUKE SIMS – The band met at a recording/rehearsal studio. It was definitely a collaboration and was building for some time. 

Q – What gave you the idea to mix various genres of music? ( I love how it is so unique)

A – DUKE SIMS – This is just the way our music came out. We never sat down and decide what we were gonna sound like. It just came out that way. Like a baby first scream. Its pure.

Q – Whats it like having family relations in the band? 

A – DUKE SIMS – Twins be twins. Me and Lex are bros for life. We all get along well. We smoke hellla weed which helps out as well. 420 Life!!!

Q – Edara, Why did you change from dancing? Will you go back?

A – BABY G – I moved to New York to pursue a career in dance and singing. Once I accomplished the dance part (laughs), I decided it was time to start working on the singing part.

Q – What the furthest you have travelled for a gig? 

A – DUKE SIMS – We drove straight to Atlanta once. And then drove straight back after the gig. 

Q – What other Artists or Bands influence you, to make you do what it is you do today?

A – BABY G – The band is influenced by so many different artist such as Metallica, Janet Jackson, Notorious Big and the list goes on. This is why our sound is so different.

Q – Do you play any covers, if so, what’s your favourite?

A – BABY G – We have a section at the end of the show that we call Gallons. This is the part of the show when we do our covers. I would say our favourite to play, which is most people’s favourite as well, is This Is How We Do It.

Q – If I asked for tips to help me write a song, what advise would you give me?

A – DUKE SIMS – Learn other peoples songs first. The songs you love. Find out why there working. Why you love them. Then go for yours.

Q – Anything you want to say to your fans and us at

A – DUKE SIMS – We have 2 new songs coming at you soon. 2 new videos. Funday & Bang Bang!!! We also have an albums worth of material waiting for you to hear. We stay working hard. Know that. Were giving it our all. And were determined. Dedicated. And Focused!!! Brooklyn we go hard!!! Much Love!!!


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