Musuk Does 10 Questions With Electro/Hardcore Band Cloud District from Southern California

We were very pleased that Cloud District agreed to answers these questions for us.  Thank You Guys!

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Q1. Where and how did you all meet and form the band “Cloud District”?

We formed the band in Palm Springs, CA about a year and a half ago. All five of us came from different backgrounds and different music projects. We’ve been close friends for quite a while, so it just seemed natural.

Q2. How did you pick “Cloud District” for your band name? 

Every single member in the band loves the popular video game Skyrim. Cloud District is an area in one of the game’s cities. The original name for our first song was “Cloud District,” but we decided to change the name to “Shadow Life.” Soon after that we decided “Cloud District” was a fitting name for our band.

Q3. What bands influence your genre of music?

Mostly the pioneer Electronic/Hardcore bands such as I See Stars, Attack Attack, and Breathe Carolina. We are also heavily influenced however by EDM artists such as Knife Party, Adventure Club, etc.

Q4. What inspired you to write the lyrics to “Shadow Life”?

When we were just starting Cloud District, we went through a lot of drama. We had all of our equipment stolen down to the last cable, and went through rough arguments with people who we considered close friends. The idea for the song lyrically, is that the world is not a perfect place. There are some people with only one ambition in life, to try and bring pain and sadness to others. It is an unfortunate truth, but it doesn’t mean you have to let it bring you down. That is the message that “Shadow Life” delivers.

Q5. If you could pick any band, past or present, to be apart of who would it be and why?

That’s a very tough question. Honestly, we would probably choose to be the musicians for Johnny Cash’s band. He was such a talented artist, with very unique, emotionally driven music. Our bassist Eli would probably disagree however.

Q6. When playing a show, do you cover any other bands or artists? if so do you change the lyrics?

All the music we play live is original, written and performed by us. We aren’t too fond of performing other artist’s music at shows.

Q7. Where is the best show you have played?

The best show we ever played, would probably be our first hometown show back in August. It was at a venue called “The Hood,” and it was the first time fans in our hometown area got to see us perform live. It was such an amazing experience to be quite honest. There was so much energy and positive vibes.

Q8. What tips and hints would you give to other bands who are just starting out?

Being in a band may seem tough and frustrating at times, but you have to stick with it if it’s truly your passion. When your feet hit the stage and you realize where you’re meant to be, all the problems that come with being in a band almost seem worth it. Just never give up, work as hard as you possibly can. Most of all, enjoy every minute you get to spend making music with your friends. That’s the important piece.

Q9. Do you have any tours lined up and if so are there any dates in Scotland I could attend?

Currently we have no tours booked. We are playing a few shows here and there, while we work on preparing our 5-track EP for release. After that we will definitely have to look into finding a tour to be a part of. If we are ever in Scotland anytime soon, we will get in touch with you for sure!

Q10. And the usual last question, Is there anything you wish to tell your fans?

First of all, we would like to thank any fans that have supported us over the past year. You have all been so patient, and are the greatest fans any band could ask for. Always remember to be yourself and let your true colors shine wherever you are. Stay tuned for the release of our EP coming soon. We will announce the name and release date as soon as we can. Thank you so much Danielle for letting us be a part of this interview.


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