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Hey guys, I realise that I have asked a lot of artists and bands to do ‘s 10 Questions and a few of them have been somewhat popular within social media. Now thinking about it, when a band or artists opens that message from me they must think… “Who the F#ck is this guy and what the f*ck is Well everyone I am going to attempt to narrow it down for you’s all!

I’am a 24 year male from Scotland. The Tayside region of Scotland. @real_dani_musuk and I are indeed a couple, and we have a 2 year old son together, but I am going to get into the details before all that.

I got into music properly at about the age of 9, my first “cassette” I purchased was “A Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang. I used to really listen to anything that was on the radio when I was that age. It was not until I was about 11 years old when I wanted to learn how to play a guitar. I remember getting one for Christmas the same year but I never really pursued it until I started academy (high school) in 2003. I was flicking through the music channels on Sky when I came across a channel called “P-Rock” The channel number was 461, I can still remember it. The first song I remember hearing on it was a song called “Somewhere on Fullerton” by a Chicago based band called “Allister”, I absolutely fell in love with the song. The second I heard was “I’m just a Kid” by Canada’s own, Simple Plan. There was then NoFx, Goldfinger, I could name them all. It was actually my Dad that said, “just keep it on this channel” and I did and that is when I became into “Punk Rock, Pop Punk” whatever people categorise it in. After that night that is when I knew I had to do that!

Not long after learning “Somewhere on Fullerton” I spoke to a friends and we persuaded his parents into buying him a second hand bass and then he then learned “Somewhere on Fullerton” as well. We found a drummer after one day I was in my music class and heard this guy play drums, piano and a guitar. It was like whatever instrument he touched he could play it. He was and probably still is a better guitar player than myself, But we needed a drummer and he was up for it. After learning to play more songs as a team we managed to get hooked up with our first gig in a small city called Brechin. We were only 13-14 and really nervous. The other band where all 17 to like 30!  Our first load of covers was: American Idiot by Greenday, Somewhere on Fullerton by Allister, Boys of Summer – The Ataris (we threw in a awesome drum solo) and our 4th song that ended the night was a slightly more punked up version of Teenage Kicks by The Undertones. Surprisingly everyone seemed to love it and we had bands thanking us!

I could honestly go on about that though out this entire blog, they were good times but unfortunately for me that is not the purpose of this read.

After a few add on band members and changes of genre I obviously had to learn the songs too! So I got to listen to a lot of other bands and genres and enjoyed them all! I still even listen to some old school boy bands but ssshhhh, lets not talk about that.

Music was a part of my everyday life, whether it was hearing songs on television or on the radio, learning new tracks on the guitar, even when it came to writing songs with a band we had like 3 different sounds because we were now into different music. It sounds better than it was!

When leaving Academy in 2007 and starting my first job I met new people and heard heaps of different music each day. The one band I remember that totally changed it for me was “Pendulum” I think it was on Facebook when I came across the song “Slam” which I listened to but kind of was like, nah its not my scene. The they released the album “In Silico” the track “Propane Nightmares” was just absolutely “Wow” when I first heard it and I had the same feeling with “The Other Side”. If they can go from Drum and Bass then release this album which incorporates a lot more of a rocky sounding edge why cant I liked both. Now a days it seems to be a thing….Sonny Moore (from first to last) to become Skrillex……Wil Francis (aiden) to be William Control etc.

I later downloaded Virtual DJ and well I am going to say experimented. I did one semi-good mash up which was Keep you hands of my Girl by Good Charlotte and Fasten you Seatbelt by Pendulum. I didnt really stick that one out. I blow my wages once on all the Rock Band gear for Xbox 360 and then had a “light bulb” moment and found a driver for my laptop which let me plug the drums into my laptop via usb and turn it into a sort of electric drum kit. I did an insane version of Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas! There was guitar and bass in there to of course.

When I passed my driving test and was still greaving the death of my much loved Grand Mother I sort of stopped perusing music all together. I was more focused on becoming successful in more of a “reality” view of things. I didn’t actually realise how much I missed music until I was with @real_dani_musuk and she has never been told this by myself, she will probably see it here! Apart from giving me Reilly and all the love back this is also a big factor in which why I love her. She kick started my heart, my inspiration. Once our son is older I will definitely will get back into music in a more practical way. I did attempt I was a distraction for Reilly and he as well for me.

After seeing Bullet for my Valentine, Cold Rain and While She Sleeps…..and meeting Padge, Masako, Moose and actually talking to them realising that they are also just normal people, human beings much like ourselves! I was off work for a week and well that is when was created! We get upcoming bands and artists to interview, we get popular well known bands to interview, we want to help promote these guys in any way possible. I have been there! I know what it is like! The feeling you get in front of a crowd! The enjoyment it brings! The different sense of respect people give you, look up to you…..we call them fans! I am a fan, and that is what is all about. In the words of @real_dani_musuk, Musuk was created by fans – For the fans!

Thanks for reading

John – Musuk


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