10 Questions with One Last Run

One Last Run were lovely enough to answer a few questions from Musuk and their fans. We appreciate them answering these questions and we thank the fans for their questions too! Thanks to Becky, Chris, Rob, Dan and Jack! 1) How did you all meet and form the band “One Last Run”? All of us […]

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10 Questions with JESTA

Thank you to the lovely Jesta for answering these questions for us here at Musuk. Make sure you check out the links below! Q1. What gave you the idea for the name “Jesta”? It was the early days of the internet when I realised that my real surname “Page” didn’t Google well because everybody was […]

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MusUk does 10 Question with Say the Word!

Hey! Thanks for letting us ask you guys a few questions for a future publish! We are based in the UK but havent done this with a lot of bands for the UK….weirdly. So we very much appreciate this opportunity! 1 – Say the Word, 4 guys in a band, Where did it all begin? […]

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MusUk – 10 Questions with Inventions!

Thank you so much for your interest in our band, I have answered the questions below. Please let me know when it is published and we will share it around on our social media. 🙂 1 – Inventions, How did it all be come?  Inventions started in 2013, when I moved to Melbourne and started […]

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Interview with Jamie McAulay

     Ok so here at Musuk we changed the interview technique slightly and had a Q&A with Jamie McAulay via Twitter messages. This was a first for us and we want to thank Jamie for being a good sport! Thank you very much! Q1.First of all, when did you know that that you wanted […]

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Special edition of 10 Questions With Kyshera

OK so we had a request from Kyshera’s fans to do an interview with them, which of course we agreed to do. We reached out to the band and asked if they would be willing to do the “10 Questions With..” with us. They agreed and we decided to make this interview different… We asked […]

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Danielle Musuk

Hi guys, Following John’s post about why Musuk was started I thought I would create my own post. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this! Ok so to start at the beginning I was brought up in a little town called Brechin in Scotland… I don’t expect anyone to […]

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