Musuk! 10 Questions with Patient Sixty-Seven

We have had some from Italy. We have had plenty from America, now we are focusing our sights across the globe to Perth, Australia to speak to Aussie Metal Heads Patient Sixty-Seven. We are always happy to do this with bands but thanks to social media we have had the opportunity to interview bands form everywhere! This is a good step forward for us at

(“Thanks for offering to interview us!” – Patienty sixty-seven)

1) How did the band all meet and form to become Patient Sixty-Seven?

The band formed through myself (Tom) and our guitarist (Dylan), we both decided to start writing a few songs for fun together and it slowly just snowballed int deciding we would pursue playing a show or two! It wasn’t really planned, but it just felt like things were working so well- so we decided we’d keep at it. We were lucky enough to bring our guitarist Declan into the picture shortly after, and after playing a handful of shows last year he introduced us to Jl and Jarryd who helped us establish a complete lineup as 2015 started! We were so thankful those guys came on board, because they helped us put the band together. We were really unsure what our plans were before they stepped up. 

2) How did the style of music you play become the agreed genre?

It’s interesting because we all have our own influences, I suppose we both enjoyed a diverse range of rock music and the stuff Dylan started writing early on pushed us in the direction of being a heavier styled act. We’re very much still finding our sound, which is exciting. 

3) How do you rehearse? (Set days of weeks? Where? etc.)

Usually once a week at a nearby studio! 

4) When you play shows, do you play any cover songs?

Haha yes! We’ve been fooling around with a cover song or two. We love doing Emmure’s ‘Solar Flare Homicide’. Such a banger and stupidly fun to do live. 

5) What is the furthest distance you have travelled to play a gig?

Not really too far as of yet, probably only 45 minutes out of the city. But we’re planning to change that soon! 

6) Which venue would you say you had played your best gig to this date?

Our launch for our EP at Civic in August was mental, we had such a good time. 

7) What other bands or artists is an influence to Patient Sixty-Seven?

Such a range, and we’re hoping to bring all of that into our new music. Although we can’t say we sound like them, everyone loves the new Thy Art is Murder record. So intense. 

8) How would you get someone to listen to your music?

The best place is Youtube, you can stream our EP there! There’s links there for a ton of stores where you can pick up a digital copy of Imbalance. 

9) Do you have any expectations for this upcoming year, 2016?

It should be another great year, we’ve had a ton of fun in 2015 and I can’t wait for whatever 2016 brings. 

10) Anything you want to let your fans and us at now? (News,Gigs etc)

Just that we’re thankful for your support. It means the world.


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