Musuk asks You May Kiss The Bride 10 questions! Enjoy

Thank you to the guys in You May Kiss The Bride for doing this for us! Make sure you check out their links below! Enjoy!

Q1. Where and how did you all meet and form the band “You May Kiss The Bride”? 

  Korhan(k0k0) and Alptuğ(Badboy) are cousin. Before the YMKTB, they started to play music together in different bands. Then, Korhan decided to start a new band called ‘ You May Kiss the Bride ‘ with different line-up. After lot of member changes Berkay(Fega) joined the band. Then, K0k0 called Badboy, they had an emotional phone conversation about future of the band and Badboy became a part of YMKTB. They needed a good bass player but it was hard to find a right one. Fega suggested his old bass player Enes(Mr.Okay) to the band and after, he showed his skills in the studio Mr.Okay was in action! Barış is the new guy for the band but boys met long time ago so that was the great decision for the band’s future.  

Q2. How did you pick “You May Kiss The Bride” for your band name? 

   Firstly, we want to say that we’re glad to have our name as You May Kiss the Bride. It was fun about pick this name as our band name. We were watching a comedy film and suddenly, we decided to choose ‘ You May Kiss the Bride ‘. You may say how and why? But in YMKTB we believe in yolo and swag!  

Q3. What bands influence your genre of music? 

   Post-hardcore, metalcore, Ethnic music , piano and if you want to know that our music is come from our hearts. Yeah we love to listen some good bands and we respect them but we’re making our own music since we were 14,15 so actually, its our music.  

Q4. What inspires you to write your songs?

   Cunts, bitches, shits, life and you!  

Q5. How would you describe your band to someone who has never heard you before?  

   Come on dude! Wanna do mosh? Or singalong ? Of just have some fun ? We’re here for you. U should check our instagram page to see our live skills! We always post videos from studio Instagram/ymktb  

Q6. If you could pick any band, past or present, to be apart of who would it be and why? 

   Badboy – Attila, k0k0 – Avenged Sevenfold, Fega – Black Veil Brides, Mr.Okay – A Day To Remember, Barış – Suicide Silence  

Q7. When playing a show, do you cover any other bands or artists? if so do you change the lyrics? 

   We dont play cover but if we do pop-cover song like we did Kesha – take it off, sure we play it in our shows. 

Q8. Where is the best show you have played?

   Belarus – Gomel! We still cant forget that night, hard to explain but it was our best show so far! Cant wait to get crazy again with our limitless belarusian friends! Also Groezrock was Huge for us too! Coz its one of the best hardcore festival around the world! Great to had a chance to play with Obey the Brave, Suicide Silence, While she sleeps, the ghost inside, stick to your guns, atreyu and many more! 

Q9. Do you have any tour dates in the UK i could come and see you guys play? 

   Unfortunately, not yet! But we’d love to! Hope to see you guys soon! Hey to local bookers and agencies from UK!  

Q10. The usual last questions, Is there anything you wish to tell your fans?

   We love you guys! More is coming soon so stay tuned! Get ready for the hurricane. If its your first time with us come & join our big #ymktbfamily together we’re strong! Like we always say #LifesucksYMKTBfucks

Thank you Danielle! 


Alptuğ Özdemir(Badboy) – Screams

Korhan Yıldırım(K0k0) – Cleans,Guitars

Berkay Aslanbay(Fega) – Guitars 

Enes Coşkun(Mr.Okay) – Bass

Barış Can Çelik – Drums



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