Danielle Musuk

Hi guys,

Following John’s post about why Musuk was started I thought I would create my own post. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this!

Ok so to start at the beginning I was brought up in a little town called Brechin in Scotland… I don’t expect anyone to know where that is but its between Aberdeen and Dundee. I wasn’t always interested in music, I just enjoyed listening to it, as a 90’s kid I listened to the Spice Girls, Vengaboys and other cheesy bands that were around then. As I made my way through primary school I took up playing the violin. This was when I started taking a proper interest in music and playing it. I loved playing the violin and I had some fantastic opportunities as a result.. but I will get to that.

As I progressed into High School I took an interest in playing bass guitar but I didn’t get very far with that as I felt it was boring and I wasn’t really learning much so I then decided to give that up and focused on my violin more, which I loved. I felt like I could escape reality and make my own world when I played, I know that sounds really silly but hey ho.

Anyway around 2nd year I got involved with the “Emo Kids” and this was when my love for metal/rock/emo etc was formed. I had grown up listening to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper etc because this was what my mum listened to but I hadn’t really taken much of an interest in it until now. Thanks to these kids I was introduced to Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine etc. and this was when I decided I wanted to play electric guitar. I started playing simple tunes and hoped to progress. I got two guitars for my Christmas one year and I started trying to teach myself to play. Unfortunately I gave up as I was struggling with personal issues and the guitars just sat around gathering dust.

Since I had given up two instruments I decided to try and stick in at my violin and was given the opportunity to play with the RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) which was fantastic! I loved every second I was on stage and this made me want to be famous so I tried guitar again. I had this dream that I was a famous guitar player in a massive band and everyone wanted to be me. Unfortunately again I didn’t stick at this.

Aside from all this I was being bullied for being “different”. I hated going to school. I was also told by a guidance counselor that I would never get into college or university and I would never amount to much. That made me feel so little and worthless I didn’t know what to say. That, along with the bullying made me feel like nothing. I remember one incident of bullying when a boy came up to me in front of quite a lot of people and spat in my face. It was humiliating. I just wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then. I didn’t want to be there any more. I used to go home and cry every night but everything seemed alright when I listened to my favorite bands. It was there and then that I vowed I would become famous and then rub it in their faces that I was successful and they had become nothing and had done nothing with their lives.

This was when my dream of interviewing bands, having famous friends, hanging out with the likes of Benji and Joel Madden, Gerard Way and the guys from Bullet etc and even playing in a band was born. I was determined to do all I could to make this happen. Sadly though as the years went on I slowly gave up on this dream.

I left school and went to college to study nursing. I did two years before dropping out as there was too much going on in my life. Then I met John, now I had known him from when I was like 14 as I was dating a friend of his at the time, but now I wanted to get to know him better. I had won tickets to the X factor final in 2012 and asked him to come along. He said yes and we had a great time…. then a few months later I found out I was pregnant…. Although it wasn’t an easy time, John stuck by me and on in September 2013 I gave birth to our beautiful son Reilly.

Anyway Fast Forward to this year and October. This was a huge moment for me as I was finally going to see Bullet for my Valentine in Aberdeen. This band had been the one band I listened to continuously throughout my high school years and they helped me through hard times. Anyway the big day arrived and watching Coldrain and While She Sleeps really set me up for seeing Bullet. They came on and blew the crowd away! I loved every second of being there and I was filled with emotions. After they had left the stage I made a beeline to the guys selling the merch. It was there I met Masato from Coldrain who was really lovely. I was also told to meet Bullet I had to head round to the bus at the back, so I did and met Padge, Moose and Jamie. They were so lovely and I was so thrilled to meet them. Anyway on the way home John and I came up with the idea of starting our own magazine/blog interviewing bands etc and so Musuk was born!

I want to say a big thank you to John for everything he has done to kick my butt into gear to start this up and make my dream a reality. We didn’t expect there to be such a good response to the interviews etc but we are so thrilled that so many people want to be featured! Hopefully by next year we will be recording skype interviews and face to face interviews etc to further this venture!

I personally want to thank each and every one of the bands, artists and fans who are making this possible for us. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! And thank you so much John for being my rock and my world throughout all of this.

Sorry for rambling on but now you know a bit more about myself and Musuk. Danielle 🙂


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