Interview with Jamie McAulay

JGpOBOPZ     Ok so here at Musuk we changed the interview technique slightly and had a Q&A with Jamie McAulay via Twitter messages. This was a first for us and we want to thank Jamie for being a good sport! Thank you very much!

Q1.First of all, when did you know that that you wanted to pursue singing as a career?           

   When I was younger I used to stay at my grandparents a lot and they used to play all these old soul artists from the 60s and 70s. I used to get really lost within the music and really loved the way they were singing, I then discovered the great music of Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Rod Stewart, that’s when everything changed and I wanted to do what they were doing for a living haha.

Q2. Thats a really good answer! How have your family supported the decision and how do they feel about it? 

   They have always been very supportive of my choice, my mum especially of it, obviously she still does the mothering things like “stick in at college it’s a big bad world out there” but I know deep down she would love to see me progress in music I guess it’s just the unknown fear of what may happen on a down side of not “making it” but as a musician I believe that you will make it if you obtain goals that are reasonably set.

Q3. So on the subject of “making it”, where do you feel yourself being in the next 5 years? 

   Hopefully to be signed touring my first album, well that’s the plan anyways haha

Q4. Well we hope you will be on your 3rd album haha. You have your first EP coming out next month, how are you feeling about it? 

   Very excited, the songs sound great as demos, I’m interested to hear what they sound like in the studio for the professional side of recording, I’m just so eager to get them out I hope everyone likes them as much as I do haha.

Q5. Who would you say are the biggest musical influences for the EP?

    Ha that’s a good question there’s a lot of influences on the EP the likes of Jake Bugg, James Bay, Ed Sheeran and Load era Metallica (If any “true” Metallica fan says Load and Reload are bad albums they aren’t true fans hahaha)

Q6. That is a good variety. Are you playing any dates before the end of the year we can tell your fans about?

   Yeah I’m playing the Garage in Glasgow on the 27th of November and a few gigs in speculation with the O2 ABC in December, I’m planning a tour in the spring of 2016 for the EP from Glasgow to Liverpool which should be fun 

Q7. If you were a biscuit what would you be and why?  

   Hmm if i was a biscuit now there’s a hard question …… I think if I was to be a biscuit it would probably be a jammy dodger I mean come on who doesn’t love a wee jammy dodger now and again unless you’re allergic to them…. If so then I apologize haha     

Q8. If you were to pick any of your songs to put in a time capsule what would you pick and why

   There is a song on the EP called Let Me Go and it’s about being young, having fun and making mistakes I think putting that in a time capsule would be pretty cool to open when you’re old and have a nostalgic memory of when you were young and care free…. Tumbler eat you’re heart out ha

 Q9.  If you could collaborate with with any band/artist past or present who would it be and why?

   Ha what’s with all the hard questions haha I think any of my influences would be amazing to collaborate with the one that stands out the most would be either Stevie Wonder or Noel Gallagher both of them are just geniuses within their own right and have change so many ways we listen to music today. 

Q10. How does singing and recording affect your personal life?

   Meh it doesn’t really that is a part of my personal life there’s nothing better than just sitting in a quiet room and writing a good melody or chord progression I tend to find that very therapeutic in someways and keeps me from going absolutely crazy from time to time 

Q11. You said your EP has a lot of influences from Ed Sheeran to Metallica, but which band/artist do you admire the most? 

   Don’t think i can say who I admire the most both very different styles of music but they do share the same enthusiasm and drive as one another they both have a love for music and do it the way they like too, of course Metallica have been my childhood band and James Hetfield is a god like figure to me and I look up to his persona and stage presence cause in my opinion he is one of the best front men ever, but Ed has written some of the most beautiful melodies in the past decade even if you are not a fan you have to admire his success within the short time scale he has been around for and for one man to sell out Wembley and perform a 2 hour set each night himself then wow, that is a genius amount of talent

Q12. Great we will try to get along to one of your shows to see you.  Is there anything else you wish to let your fans know?

   Yeah, December 4th is the release date for the EP titled Me Myself and I, I hope everyone enjoys it thank you for being the amazing fans that you are, without you music would be pointless. Thank You.

Thank you for being a good sport Jamie and doing this with us! We appreciate it!

Jamie Twitter

Jamie Soundcloud


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