MusUk – 10 Questions with Inventions!

Thank you so much for your interest in our band, I have answered the questions below. Please let me know when it is published and we will share it around on our social media. 🙂

1 – Inventions, How did it all be come? 

Inventions started in 2013, when I moved to Melbourne and started looking to form a band. I had a bunch of demos written and recorded, so I put out online ads and over time the line up came together! We’ve adjusted the line up since then, however it was actually our original guitarist who came up with our name! We never want to do the same thing twice, we are all about re-inventing what we are.

2 – Your track ” I said Goodbye” has good some very great and meaningful lyrics in it, How was the track wrote? 

I wrote this song about my personal experience with anxiety. One day I woke up and anxiety was just there, and this song is about that hope that one day I would wake up and it would be gone. Unfortunately that’s not the case like with most similar issues, it’s something that I think that I will live with forever, but it’s my choice to let it control my life and my happiness or not!

3 – Has “I said Goodbye” got the expected, or better, response as expected?

We never really know how our fans will respond to our music, but we always hope that they will love it and get something from it! So many people have told me how relatable the song is and how the lyrics mean a lot to them, and that means more to me than any amount of plays on YouTube or sales on iTunes.

4 – We believe “Jimmy Eat World” is an inspiration to Inventions, What other bands or artists would you say inspires Inventions as a band?

Yes, Jimmy Eat World are a massive inspiration. Personally I take influence from Evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold, and Paramore, which comes across a lot in our writing, but there are other influences like Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Dreamtheater, and even some really heavy stuff too! Recently I’ve been listening to lots of cinematic instrumental music, which I think is slowly starting to make its way into our songs.

5 – We also heard you love playing “Paramore” tracks!, When playing shows is there any covers you enjoy to perform?

In the past we have only done one cover which was ‘Good Riddance’ by Greenday. I’d love to do an entire Paramore set, but that probably wouldn’t go down too well as I’m much taller than Hayley Williams and don’t have her range!

6 – October was a big month for you’s all, you did a tour of Australia? Has the band been fortunate enough to play any gigs out of the country?

We actually kept this tour quite small, just doing between Melbourne and Sydney – we have some much bigger plans for next year so we are saving ourselves for then. We haven’t played overseas get, however I’m currently on a flight to Japan for a short holiday and scoping out of the local scene in Tokyo!

7 – I found the band with the help from Twitter, Has social media helped any way with promoting the band and gaining more fans?

I can’t count the number of friends and fans we’ve made through Twitter and Facebook, it’s so much fun to chat to people about music or Pokemon or just the weather. It’s an extremely double edged sword though, the Internet is so crowded, and everyone is shouting at you for a look/listen/follow that it can be hard to find your voice and have it heard in the online community.

8 –  While on Twitter I also noticed loads of Halloween tweets from your page! Obviously Inventions are fans of the occasion. Explain what Halloween is the you’s?

Perhaps we went overboard with those this year haha! I’m such a sucker for Halloween, or anything creepy/morbid with a fun twist. In Australia Halloween isn’t as big a celebration as it is in other countries, but we do our best to get in the spirit of it!

9 – Christmas is also just around the corner! Are you’s all prepared, shopping all done, gifts all bought!?

No way! Not prepared at all. This year has flown by, and we are in the final stages of locking in recording a new release in Jan so December will be very busy with pre-production for us. I do get excited by Christmas decorations and festivities, so I’m sure in a few weeks we will probably just be playing rock versions of Rudolph the Reindeer and Jungle Bells.

10 – Is there anything you want to say to you fans and MusUk!? 

Thank you anyone and everyone or listening,  we love chats so say hello to me at @jacobleaney or @inventionsaus on Twitter! Next year we will be releasing a new EP, so tell your friends and get psyched!

Thank you for the chat!

Inventions Twitter


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