MusUk does 10 Question with Say the Word!

Hey! Thanks for letting us ask you guys a few questions for a future publish! We are based in the UK but havent done this with a lot of bands for the UK….weirdly. So we very much appreciate this opportunity!

1 – Say the Word, 4 guys in a band, Where did it all begin? Where did you’s all meet and decide to form a band?

Luke: 3 members of the band (Olly, Louis and Jim) worked together, decided to go for a jam, then decided they could do with a bass player so asked me to join, I met them at a halloween party, needless to say we all got rat arsed and decided to go forward with the whole band thing.

2 – Say the Word are from Nottingham, UK! , What is the fan base like in the home town?

Jim: It’s great, there’s plenty of opportunities to get out there with nights like Nottz in a nutshell, for example, which always gets a decent crowd in at The Maze.

Luke: The Nottingham music scene is absolutely buzzing at the minute so there are always people wanting to go and see live bands. And fairly new bands like us!!

3 – Nottingham….That is close to Download Festival right?, Which MusUk are attending in 2016! Will we be seeing Say the Word there either on stage or off stage!?

Luke: Yeah we’re not far from Donnington, playing Download would be fucking incredible, so one day hopefully we’ll play there. But yeah you might see us there but we might not see you as we’d be drunk… Very very drunk!

4 – When playing shows, Do you perform any covers?

Jim: Yeah we like to have a fair few covers that we can blast like we do a cover of ‘The Middle // Jimmy Eat World which always seems to go down fairly well. Plus it helps to mix up our set list and get the crowd going.

5 – We said we are based in the UK, which we are, just a lot more North than you guys! have you guys even visited Scotland? either for a break or any gigs?

Luke: We’ve never actually been up to Scotland but we’d love to play some gigs up that way.

6 – What is the furthest you have travelled to play a gig?

Jim: We played a show at the Vic inn at Derby once. So not right out the way but it was still a decent venue and well known for supporting up and coming bands. It’s just a shame their football team’s rubbish 😉

7 – To this date, what has been the best show you have played as a band?

Luke: It was definitely playing The Bodega in Nottingham supporting ‘The Inside is Live’ that show was wicked those boys know how to put on a show!

8 – What other bands would you say influences the style or genre of your music?

Jim: We all have a wide variety of musical tastes from biggie smalls to amon amarth, blink 182 to Taylor Swift and skrillex. So varied to say the least!

9 – If the opportunity arises for Say the Word to support any band on tour, past or present, who would it be and why?

Luke: I’d have to say Foo Fighters, unquestionably one of the best bands ever!

Jim: Too many to choose from but if I had to I’d say Ant and Dec. They did some tunes once upon a time. No on a serious note it’d be ‘Heaven & Hell’!!!

Olly: It’s a tough choice between Bruce Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem, but I think I’d have to go with Gaslight. The ’59 Sound is one of my favourite albums of all time!

Louis: Without a doubt it’d be A Day To Remember, they’re fucking incredible live.

10 – Is there anything you wish to tell you loyal fans and us at MusUk? (new track, gigs, news etc) ?

Thanks for the support and keep an eye/ear out for new music, videos, and dates of shows. Also if you’re haven’t already check us out on

Say The Word on Twitter

Say the Word on YouTube

Say the Word on Sound Cloud


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