10 Questions with One Last Run

One Last Run were lovely enough to answer a few questions from Musuk and their fans. We appreciate them answering these questions and we thank the fans for their questions too! Thanks to Becky, Chris, Rob, Dan and Jack!

1) How did you all meet and form the band “One Last Run”?

All of us have been in bands before we formed One Last Run. We were always friends though, the bands we were in all broke up at the same time for some reason or another. We decided to jam together to see if it would work and the rest is history.

2) What bands influence your genre of music?

Every member of the band has different influences within the metal/rock genre that have inspired us when writing. Some of the bands are the likes of: In The Moment, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry.

3) You have just finished your first tour, did you have a bigger turn out than you expected?

We had a really good turn out for the tour the best venues would have to be Crawley for the Halloween show and then our home-town show in Manchester. We really enjoy touring as a band as it gives us the chance to meet the fans.

4) If you weren’t in the band, what do you think you would be doing?

I would be at university studying events management and wedding planning. Chris: I feel I would be managing other bands or something within the music industry maybe organising tours for other bands. Dan: I would become a drum teacher. Jack: I would probably be an engineer in the RAF. Rob: I would do a lot of travelling !!

5)  What can we expect to see from One Last Run in 2016? (tours, albums etc)

We have a lot planned for 2016, two tours which are in the confirmation processes, we have new material and hopefully some new videos for you guys to watch as well.

Fan Questions

1) What was the first album each band member bought??

The first albums I bought were Slipknot – Subliminal Verses and Avenged sevenfold – Sound of the Seventh Trumpet
Chris: The Darkness – Permission to Land
Rob: Nickleback – Silverside Up
Jack: Road Runner United: All Star Sessions
Dan: Eminem – Curtain Call

2) What is the best live show each member has ever been?

I have so many but I would have to say Linkin Park at 2014 Download performing Hybrid Theory in its entirety.
Chris: Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl. They had Jimmy Eat World and Biffy Clyro supporting, Dave Grohl is a god.
Rob: Slipknot 09
Jack: Opeth at download 2014
Dan: Foo Fighters Old Trafford cricket ground

3) Do you plan to tour USA one day?

We are all very keen on going over to the states, the more places we play and get our music out to the better. we definitely get over there as soon as we can.

4) When did you each start playing your instrument?

I have sung since I was about 5 I use to attend a musical school at the weekend I was once Grizabella in our production of CATS, try to imagine that haha I only started singing rock music when I went to high school.
Chris: I messed around with a few instruments growing up, but finally decided on bass when I was 14. I got my first bass guitar for £90 from a cash converters!
Rob: When I was 16, so I guess I’m a late starter really. I wanted to get one for a while, but guitars aren’t cheap when you’re a kid with no income.
Jack: Started when I was a lot younger and my grandad gave me his acoustic, soon found that electric was for real men and have been playing since.
Dan: When I was about 4 or 5 my uncle taught me simple rudiments on my knees and then as I got older I started taking it a lot more seriously.

5) What can we expect to hear on the next album?

I truly believe we have grown as musicians and you can really hear it in our new material, we have taken our experience when recording the EP and used it to progress our sound and attitude. We had an amazing team with us at Innersounds that helped with the progression of our music. The album is looking very well balanced with a mixture of ballads and heavy hard hitting songs and I cant wait to release the full thing.


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