Musuk Does 10 Questions with Blind Pilots

Hey guys, thanks for hooking up with us for the latest edition of “10 Questions” We always appreciate the time out any band or artist takes to answer these!

Thanks for asking us to be part of this, really appreciate it!


Q – Blind Pilots are a 3 piece band which was formed in London,2014 but how did the 3 members meet and decide to be “Blind Pilots”?
A – We met in London after the demise of our previous bands and decided to start anew just the three of us.
Q – The music scene in London must be absolutely massive! Is it hard for a band that way or does it have more advantages?
A – The music in scene is London is big, but big doesn’t always mean good! We feel we have an advantage over others because no one else is doing real guitar music, most music seems to be watered down and safe, so for us, its a good thing as it makes us more unique.
Q –  I’am aware you are a fan of ” The Leftovers” TV show, We have never watched it, how would you get me to watch it!?
A – You should watch ‘The Leftovers’ because it is by far the best show on television right now, great acting, Justin Theroux is colossal, it has suspense, mystery and originality, originality is important in all forms of entertainment.
Q – If the band could support any other band or artist on tour (Past or present), Who would it be and why?
A – Would have loved to support The Beatles as you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a crowd (its tough at the bottom!)
Q – You are flying to the USA to tour with The Beatles , 15 Minutes into flight there is an announcement “You are flying with BLIND PILOTS”  everyone on the flight goes crazy thinking the plane will go down, How would the band resolve the situation!?
A – Grab the nearest parachutes and look for the nearest exit presumably!
Q – Blind Pilots are influence by 90’s Britpop, Which a huge number of people still love today. When playing a show, Do you play any covers?
A – No we don’t do any covers actually, we have attempted a few (badly…they will remain nameless!!) but at the moment no covers… watch this space..!
Q – You guys have 6 videos up on YouTube. Out of the 6, which song would you say has been the most successful for Blind Pilots? or just which one is you favourite!?
A – The most successful so far has been I’ll See You On The Side Of The Moon, maybe cause its the most crossover track, my fav of the 6 is Evil Eye.. but it changes as were happy with all our output
Q – If I asked the band “What is the Ups of Coming Down?” What would your reply be?
A – Strangely nothing to do with drugs…its about the highs of getting through the bad times and the ups of coming out the other side still in one piece, about finding good within the bad times.
Q – Have you guys ever visited Scotland, or ever wanted to!?
A – Yeah absolutely, would love to play there with this band, we have all played there in previous bands but not as Blind Pilots yet. T In the Park is by far the greatest music festival ever, great crowds in Scotland, love it there. 
Q – Anything you wish to tell your fans and us at MusUk?
A – You can find our new songs here: and tour news should hopefully be with you all early in the new year, follow us @blindpilotsuk for details.

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