10 Questions With WAXPANEL

WAXPANEL are a fantastic band from San Antonio, Texas. Thank you for doing this interview with us! If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you stop what you are doing and give them a listen! Remember to check out their social media links below!


Thanks again Danielle, for connecting with us on Twitter! We appreciate your time and support.

1. How did you all meet and form the band “WAXPANEL?”

WAXPANEL was started by myself  (Micah Lindner) and former guitarist Ian Dehle in July of 2008. I met Ian through a drummer, who had a “musicians classified” add on Myspace. We recorded a 3 song demo in October of that same year, and released it on Myspace. Ian and I went through multiple line up changes, until Steven Boldway came into the picture in 2011. Steven brought in bassist Nicholas Gonzales, and this solidified the band’s original line-up. WAXPANEL is now a 3 piece, with Chris Fletcher on bass guitar.

2. Where does the name come from?

The band needed a name, and at the time, I was working at a place called “Keystone Automotive.” They’re an automotive parts distribution company, and I was looking through a paint and body catalog. The words “Wax and Panel,” seemed to jump out at me from one of the pages. My friend advised we put it all in caps, and run it together.

3. Where do you get the inspiration for writings songs?

WAXPANEL’s music is inspired by prayer, and what we’ve gone through in our lives. “Believe” is about having Faith, even in the darkest of times. My marriage was crumbling, and our Faith in Christ kept everything together. We decided to give it one last chance, and this allowed my daughter to be born later. “Dying Inside,” is how we describe the Gospel. “Bridge to Nowhere,” is about the final moments with my Grandfather before he passed. Our new EP that we’re working on, features “Beginnings,” which talks about all the obstacles the band has overcome the past year. “You Don’t Say,” talks about the band being rejected for management, because of our beliefs. We pull from experiences that are real to us.

4. What is the first song you ever played along/ sang along to?

That’s a tough one! My Grandfather had a band, and started teaching me when I was about 11 years old.  I got my start learning how to play Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and old Gospel Hymns. My Grandfather and I would perform these songs in Nursing homes as a ministry.

5. Do you have any defining moments in your time as a band?

I’ve had several defining moments, since starting WAXPANEL eight years ago. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the music that I love to play. We got signed to Star 1 Records back in March, and the distribution opened us up to a much larger audience. Our first video “Believe,” was re-released under Viacom, and under an MTV profile page now. This move has gained thousands of views/listens, that what we weren’t able to achieve with YouTube. Our current season as a band, has been a really defining moment. We’ve fought through injuries, line-up changes, management issues, and we’re still standing and making music.

6. How does being in a band affect your personal lives?

God first, family second, and the band third. We’ve learned a lot these past few years, about the balance between our families and the band. We have to communicate effectively each week, about practices, shows, and so forth. If our wives are out of the loop, then we start to lose support from them. Many people I’ve known my age, have quit playing music, or scaled it back considerably. You have to have time management, and really assess what your priorities are. We make sure to not overload ourselves with things concerning the band, and we’ve had to learn this from experience. If having a family and playing music is important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work.

7. What song would you recommend listening to, for people who haven’t heard of you before? 

We currently have two singles released through “Star 1 Records.” “Believe” is a ballad, for those who like that kind of style of music. “Dying Inside,” is for fans of heavier music. I’d recommend listening to both!

8. Do you have any pre show rituals?

Individually we all have things we do before shows. As a band, we make sure we’ve prayed before hitting the stage. I try to get a good rest if possible the night before. Arriving to the venue early is always helpful. I hate the feeling of being rushed before playing.

9. Where do you see the band going in five years?

Hopefully we’ll be in a position, to where we’re doing the band as a full time career by then. Regardless, I see WAXPANEL putting out much more music in the next five years. We’ll gradually start doing short tours, and constantly pushing ourselves. We’re working with a team of people now, who are all working towards the same goals.

10. Is there anything you wish to let your fans know?

We’re currently in the final stages of recording our new 4 song EP. These songs will be available in the upcoming months. Our merchandise will be available online soon as well. Our current material is available to listen to online at Reverbnation, or the tracks can be purchased from the Star 1 Records website. We want our fans to know how much we appreciate them. It’s been awesome hearing stories, about our music making a positive impact in people’s lives. We can’t wait to share our new music with you, and God Bless you all!




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