MusUk does 10 Questions with Partisan!

MusUk had the awesome opportunity to do a “10 Questions” session with Manchesters finest, Partisan! Here is how it went! Enjoy!


Partisan! A 3-piece rock band from Manchester,UK!, We know Stuart Armstrong was in a previous band “Six10Repeater” but how did all 3 of you’s meet and decide to form Partisan?


We met Rob, the drummer on the super highway commonly known at the internet. And Dan, the bassist heard one of the tracks playing in the drummers car at a festival and asked to join the band


Stuart previously being in “Six10Repeater” achieved big things as a band. Do you think it haunts over Partisan and makes fans have big expectations of the band?


Stuart ‘I never really thought about it like that, this is a new band with a new sound and I’m always trying to better my song writing. As a song writer I am constantly striving to write that Bohemian Rhapsody / Teen Spirit’


MusUk have only been to Manchester on one occasion! It was for pleasure not business. We noticed a great amount of venues! What venues in Manchester are your most favourite to play a show at!?


We like to play smaller venues as they are more intimate. We like The Eagle, Salford is a cracking little venue. Band on the Wall and Deaf Institute are also great venues to play at. We like to engage with the audience


Where has the furthest Partisan have travelled to play a show?


MoFest – Montrose in Scotland. But previously Rob has played far and wide and most notably at Whiskyagogo in LA, which we are booked to play next year.


From the begin of Partisan (2013) to this date, Overall , What has been the best show the band has played?


Probably the best so far was the O2 Academy, Islington, London, because the crowd was mental!


When playing gigs, Do you play any covers?


Stuart ‘I am always dubious about covers, you’ve got to be careful as an original band. You have got to put your stamp on it without ruining the song. I’d like to have a go at a song called Sheer Heart Attack by Queen


At MusUk we have gained a a lot of popularity by doing these “10 Questions” and also our new reviews! Would Partisan be willing to send there 3-Track EP to MusUk, let us do a review?


Yeh of course


What other bands or artists are a big influence to Partisan?


All 3 of us were massively influenced by the grunge scene, thats our common ground, but we also  have very eclectic tastes, from Bowie to Queen to The Sex Pistols to the Blues and Rob’s guilty pleasure Phil Collins!


What has Partisan got its sights set on in 2016?


We have a single release in March, followed by further releases over the summer. A hectic festival tour and over to America late next year.


Is there anything you want to tell your fans and us at MusUk!?


If you are sick of mainstream without message or melody, have a listen to Partisan ad tell us you don’t want to stomp!

Partisan on Twitter

Partisan on SoundCloud


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