MusUk “10 Questions” with Silver Coast

MusUk added two new member to the team this past week, Annie and Jenni. We set Annie a challenge her first schedule and Silver Coast was part of that schedule. One of Anni’s first set of 10 Questions for MusUk. Enjoy!

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Q –  what was the first song you ever played as a band?
A – The first song we ever played as a band was called “Feel It Again”, the first track we ever wrote. It was a song Aaron had been working on and when we had our very first rehearsal we knew that was the track to get things started.
Q – Your EP launch is on the 11th December, What response are you hoping for?
A – We’re hoping for a fairly big response on this one. This EP is basically a summary of the last 3 years we’ve been writing and playing together. We had ideas of releasing EP’s in the past and even had previous work ready to release, but we just never felt the material at the time was right for what we are trying to do.  This time we’ve worked extremely hard and put a lot of time and energy in to this record and have it sounding exactly how we wanted. We worked with Mark Morrow of The Winter Tradition on this and we could not recommend him more.  It would be great to see fans/friends/family come out and share this moment with us.
Q – What bands or artists (past or present)would you say inspires you the most?
A – We have our own individual inspirations when it comes to musical background and that gives us the ability to come together and produce music that we love and appreciate. Bands that bring high energy performances and well written songs are our inspiration. We’re all big lovers of a wide genre of music so this also gives us that extra edge when writing songs as literally nothing is a bad idea until you try it.
Q – What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
A – Trying not to lose Andy on tour!

Q – How or when did you each individually realise that music is what you want to pursue and why?
A – I think we’ve all known from a fairly young age that music was in our blood and that that’s what we wanted to do with our lives. We played in various bands individually around the city before forming Silver Coast. It all came together when we met each other and started striving towards the same musical goals. We knew from the beginning that this was not a project to take lightly and that our individual ambitions paired with striving towards a common goal would take us to places we hadn’t gotten before.
Q – Has there been any strange experiences with fans? And if yes what happened?
A – Jason (bassist) being asked by an elderly man to come back to his house and see to his wife, after one of our shows, that was a laugh.
Q – What do you love about being in a band and playing/making music? 
A – Music is the first thing on each of our minds when we wake up in the morning, so being able to meet up with 3 equally motivated guys and put our heads together can really bring out some crafty ideas. We decided fairly near the start that this was it, go for broke, all or nothing. It started of as a bit of fun but the realisation of potential came to us fairly quickly. Every opportunity that is brought to us as a result or Silver Coast is fantastic but if we had to pick one thing we love the most, touring. Travelling around our beautiful home country playing the music we created up here in our practice room in the Highlands to other music lovers around Scotland, that’s what we live for.
Q – Has the online “Seasons” EP had the response you assumed? 
A – We’ll have to wait for the stats for that! But overall, yes, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback coming in on the EP, which means the world to us.
Q – What makes you play the genre of music that you do?
A – A combination of what we grew up listening to and what we love now. We try to create songs that really touch the listener in one way or or another, while sticking with our high energy music.
Q – Is there anything you would like to tell your fans and at MusUk?
A -A thank you for reading this article and continually supporting us, make sure you go listen to our new EP on SoundCloud and let us know what you think.

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