Breaking Point does MusUk! 10 Questions

MusUk noticed Breaking Point on Twitter, and absolutely loved their sound! Without knowing  much about the band, We did these!

Can you tell us about “Breaking Point” ?

We are an Alternative Metal band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2013. On Lead Guitar is John Kritikos, Guitar and Vocals Dennis Hritis, Bass James Livas and Drums Nick Andreopoulos. 
Dennis and Nick were in a previous band together and James joined them through a close friend. John was contacted by Nick through an advertisement on a music site as he was looking to join a band. 
We played our first show in November 2014 and in March 2015 released our debut single Venom. We just finished recording our EP Separated which will be out early 2016 and are extremely proud of the final result.

Your debut single “Venom” is available on Itunes, Google Play, YouTube…..Its everywhere! 
Has it had the response you were expecting?

John: Yes it is everywhere, the more places the better chance of more exposure. We used an online distribution service to spread it around to different providers. Being a local band the response has been pretty great. We just hit over 2000 views on Youtube and had a few podcasts play our song which is pretty cool. We weren’t really sure what to expect to be honest so the feedback for the single has been extremely good. We look forward to releasing the EP and are extremely pleased with how it turned out.

James: Considering our humble beginnings, the response is all we could hope for. Having a quality single in Venom out there so people can hear our sound has been great. Our EP will be even better!

Dennis: For our level of exposure our debut track Venom is doing great and constantly growing rapidly in views and downloads.

Nick: We have been overwhelmed with the response once we actually started promoting it. It took us a while to actually start sharing it around but after having done so we’re really pleased with the response.

What other bands and artists are a big influence to “Breaking Point”
John: Killswitch Engage is my favourite band, but I draw from a wide range of influences, especially when it comes to solos.

James: Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Alterbridge, August Burns Red. 

Dennis: Sevendust, Alterbridge

Nick: Not sure if bands have particularly influenced us directly but indepently member to member we have diverse influences with some overlap. Some bands include Bullet for my Valentine, Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Papa Roach, Periphery and Sylosis.

 You hail from Australia, What is the music scene for bands such as yourself like way down there?

John: The music scene on a local level is not good at all in Sydney. Hardly anyone goes out randomly to watch local shows these days, so we bring all our friends and have a good time. I am sure on a higher level it is much better as a lot of shows for big artists get sold out.

James: The live music scene seems to have remained pretty steady the last few years. There are some decent opportunities for small bands to perform but getting decent exposure and new fans from live gigs is still difficult. There is still a lot more potential for exposure in social media when starting out. 

Dennis: The live scene is getting harder to attract people to venues. Several places have closed down because of this.

Nick: The music scene is a little tough, at the moment we haven’t delved really deep into the metal scene but from what I can see there is massive support for punk and hardcore with  great nights such as Hot Damn and Wasted Years. It would be nice if there were more metal specific nights such as Venom but at the end of the day it’s really up to the band to bring in the crowd.

We do a lot of work via Social Media. Has Social Media helped you’s as a band?

John: Social media has really helped us we have our Facebook page which we have used to organise some local shows and reach an international audience. Its a good way to keep people up to date with what the band is doing. Youtube has done pretty well with reaching a wide range of people. We are only a small band so it is a great platform to get people to check out your music. 
Just recently I experimented with twitter which has worked pretty well. Over 4 days we have over 1000 followers. Twitter has enabled us to reach a wide range of people from different Countries. The feedback on twitter has been really good, a lot of likes and retweets on our posts. I am very happy that people are enjoying the music.

James: Social media has had the most impact in being able to get ourselves out there to an audience. We would have a very hard time breaking through or garnering an audience without it.

Dennis: Social media is creating so much exposure for us. People either stumbled across us through other bands or we have been suggested by fans posting to other friends.

Nick: These days Social Media is by far the single most used tool for many things, we were a bit slow to utilise it properly mainly because we have been waiting for our EP to be finished. With that now complete, we will do our best do be as in people’s faces as irritably can be. It is definitely giving us the ability to promote our music internationally as well as locally which is essential.

I’am unsure if you have ever heard of MusUk, We are kind of new, We started it late October 2015 and have had a great response from our  “10 Questions” and Reviews! Our latest is Giveaways! We are aware “Breaking Point” have there EP due out soon! Would yous be up for sending us at MusUk a copy to help promote it and do a giveaway!?

John: Sounds like a great segment. Sure we would be happy to give away our EP Separated.

Nick: Yep definitely.

As I said, your EP is out soon, I’ve also noticed on twitter that you are filming!, You are pulling out all the stops! What can we expect from “Breaking Point” in 2016!?

John: We are doing all we can to try and reach as many people as possible. We just finished filming a teaser to the intro of our EP, to build some hype as well as posting small teasers of the recording process. We will be filming a music video very soon for the first single from our EP, which we are planning at the moment.
We will be organising a tour with some friends of ours across Australia. 
The plan is to get a local band in each state as a support so we can spread our music locally and nationally. So we are really looking forward to this.
We will be trying to secure as many good support gigs as we can hopefully with some international bands such as Sevendust which we have applied to support.
The aim is to get the EP out around the world through social media and do as many shows as we can to get a bigger following. 

Nick: We will also be stepping up our level of gigging and improving our writing and technical ability.
If the band could go on tour to support any band or artist, Who would it be with and why?

John: Killswitch Engage or Bullet For My Valentine would be great. They put on great shows and I would love to have the opportunity to share the stage with them. But at the moment I would be happy with a show with any successful band.

James: Killswitch or Sevendust would have to be up there. They are most influential bands on our sound. They both have also been in the scene for so long while remaining relevant and fresh – that is quite inspirational.
Dennis: Sevendust for sure as we look up to them and are a big fan of their stuff.

Nick: Any band who has the heart to rock out their hardest and put blood, sweat and tears into the music they make and perform.

What has been the best show the band has played to this date!?

John: The best show would probably have been our first headline show. It was a fun night and the crowd really got into it.

James: Our Venom single launch, we had a great crowd turnout and all our friends and family were there to make the night special.

Dennis: The best gig to date has to be the Venom single launch as it was an exciting night for us to release to release our first track. Great night to share with friends, family and fans.
Nick: Our best gig will hopefully be this coming Saturday at Venom at the Valve bar in Sydney. My favourite so far would have been our debut gig where we opened up for our mate’s at their EP launch. 
Is there anything you want to tell your fans and us at MusUk!? 
John: First of all thanks to MusUk for featuring us in the ten question segment. Please check out our single and follow/like our pages to keep up to date with our music. Our EP will be out very soon and we cannot wait to release it.

James: We are super-excited about the EP we just recorded. We think it sounds sensational and we can’t wait to release it next year. We also expect to be touring pretty heavily during the launch and looking forward to the experience.

Dennis: Thank you for your ongoing support! Stay tuned for EP sneak peaks and release dates for the EP
Nick: Keep an eye and ear out for us, we’re coming!

Here are a few of our links to support us:

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