Call Upon the Sovereign Does MusUk’s “10 Questions”

Everything you need to know about Call Upon the Sovereign, is in this interview! Including Links at the bottom!

How did all members meet and become “Call Upon the Sovereign?

Call Upon the Sovereign came about in early 2014. JJ and Alex had been living together for some time when they decided to build a studio in the basement. They had been friends with Mike since high school and have always been on the same page musically, in regards to style and taste. We had been on the search for a bassist for quite some time before locking in our good friend and fellow musician, Dan.

How was the name picked, is it the original name or did it take time to come up with?

JJ had come up with the name and presented it to us when we first started things off. The thought behind it was that we wanted have a name that had a positive ideal behind it. Through our music we wanted to create a hope deep down inside of each and every listener, meaning we are all our own sovereign identity.



How long has “Call Upon the Sovereign” been on the go?

We are coming up on two years in early 2016, but we are working day in and day out to get new material out to our fans!



When writing new tracks, is there a routine to make it all come together?

Typically, JJ will write a drum track and present ideas that he has for the track in general. Then we all collectively come together to fill in the other instruments. Once we have a feel for the song’s direction, we carefully write lyrics to follow suit.


If I asked you guys “Help me write a song”, What tips can you give me?

Write it from the heart. Every band should have their own process that works best for them, there is no “right way” to produce a song. We always try to write from our own life experiences and learn from others as well.


Your track “Main Stay” features the member James Milbrandt from “Versus Me”, How did the collaboration come about?

Well, we’ve been friends with James and Lee from previous musical acts a few years ago. We got in contact with James when Call Upon the Sovereign had formed to purchase some used gear from him, and he gave us some advice on the industry that we are forever thankful for. So once we got a few songs written, we invited him to be a part of the track to say “thank you”. They are an amazing band and we advise everyone to check out Versus Me!


Obviously being in a band has perks of social media, has social media helped you as a band to get music out there and gain more fans?

Social Media is the cornerstone of the current music scene. For the first time ever bands can advertise and reach their fans basically for free. We personally promote and interact with all of our fans that reach out to us. Without them, we would be nothing, they are as much a part of this band as we are.


Have you guys ever visited or played any shows in the UK? 

Unfortunately, we have not been to visit nor play! We plan to get across the pond one day, so help us out and spread the word!


When band practice comes, do you guys like to jam cover songs!?

We either warm up or finish up our rehearsals with notable songs that we grew up on. It’s definitely a fun break and keeps things fresh!


Anything you want to say to your fans and MusUk? 

Thank you all for your support so far, please continue to spread the word and share our material with your friends! We can’t wait to hit the road and meet all of you! Be sure to like, subscribe, follow, and stay tuned – We have new material releasing in early 2016 and hope that it is as well received as “Mainstay”! 


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