MusUk asks Joe Symes & TLK 10 Questions

MusUk spoke to Liverpools Joe Symes and The Loving Kind! Check out the links at the end of the interview and be sure to check them out!

Q-How did the band meet and form?
Joe-The band formed in 2013, Myself & Colin were doing acoustic gigs in and around the north west and getting a great response from our live set. We were also doing magazine interviews in the UK, around the north west, and around the world, we then decided to audition band members.
Colin-Yeah, we’ve recently slimmed down to a two piece again, and will continue in this format. Hey, if bands like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and The Kills can do it, we most certainly can. 
Q-Where did you chose your name from?
Colin-The Loving Kind comes from a line from the R.E.M song Get Up. Because we’d already started under Joe’s name it was just a question of adding something to it, so people wouldn’t get confused. Joe Symes & the Loving: simple, catchy, classic! 
Joe-Well it’s my name to begin with as we were using it before we went to a full band name.
Q-How would you describe your genre of music?
Joe-It’s a real mixture for me. I don’t think you can put us into one style because there is such a variety of different styles on the first album. We can change whenever we want to and whatever style.
Colin-Consistently versatile. 
Q-You released your debut Album in 2013. How was the response from fans from this release?
Joe-The response has been awesome and still we are getting rave reviews after all this time from around the world & UK. Some of Hollywood’s finest have purchased our debut album including….Michael Keaton (Batman), Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket), Michael Shiffet (Lincoln), Robyn Weighrt (Deadwood), to name a few. A lot of UK actor’s/actress’s also have our debut album which I’m really pleased about as they’re also friends of the band.
Colin-Yeah, the fact that some many people over in America and Canada love our music is very overwhelming. We must be doing something right.
Q-Your single “Thing’s Get Better” was featured on BBC Introducing and also on BBC 6 Music. How did that feel hearing this being played on these programmes?
Colin-It felt great, and frankly, I think it’s well deserved. We don’t do things by half measures; never have done. 
Joe-I was really pleased with that, Cerys Matthew’s also did a fair bit of tweeting for us also, it was also played on match days at Anfield ( Liverpool Football Club ) at half time so that was great to hear our single being played to over 45.000 people.
Q-Do you have any tours planned for 2016?
Joe-We are going to be recording our next album and already have the track listings complete for it. It will be a lot heavier than the first album but still catchy songs to sing along to.
Colin-Yeah, I can’t wait to start on the next album. To be honest, it shouldn’t take long to get all the tracks down; about 10 in all. As for touring, this year we’ve mainly stayed in Liverpool – with a few exceptions, but next year, we’ll be spreading our wings again. We love to travel, and visit different place. It’s very healthy. 
Q-Has there been any defining moments from your time as a band?
Colin-For me, just being in a band where you can express yourself, and have total freedom to do what you really want. In a lot of bands the drummer is just the person who sits at the back, and is the butt of all the jokes, but for me the drummer is very important part of any good band.
Joe-Travelling & touring, going to Abbey Road, meeting Alan McGee and playing gigs for him, headlining Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds aftershow party for our second gig, there are so many more things i could mention but i’d be here all day.
Q-Have you had any scary/funny experiences with fans?
Joe-for me they have all been funny & scary Ha Ha but i’m having a ball still.
Colin-I had to do a band introduction for a local radio show recently. Totally ballsed up the first take, and what did they do, they used it. It is quite funny listening back to it. 
Q-Being from Liverpool which Football team do you support?
Colin-I don’t do football. It bores the arse off me. 
Joe-I’m not really fussed to be honest ? if they win they win, if they lose they lose, I don’t really follow football to be honest.
Q-And last question, do you have anything to tell your fans and us here at Musuk?
Joe-Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reverbnation and keep buying our music. Hope you all have a merry Christmas & fantastic 2016. Thank you for taking the time to interview us also it’s been great.
Colin-Buy the album, buy the single, buy the next albums/singles/E.P’s, spread the word , and love the music.

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