MusUk does 10 Questions with Haster

This edition of MusUk’s 10 Questions comes from one of MusUk’s newest team members! @Jenni_MusUK <<<That her twitter id so make sure you give her a follow! She has been super busy with bands and I believe this is her 1st publish for MusUk but not her cherry popper for the questions! She has more awesome bands on the way! We will keep everyone update the best we can. Haster! Haster for a first publish, What better start can you ask for!?  Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page.


1) How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t had the chance to listen to your music yet? 
-Hard Rock/Metal that goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. We put an importance on medley & groove to our music while staying true to our own sound that we’ve been able to define over the past 5 years and 3 albums.  
2) How did the name Haster come to be?
-Like most bands, it takes forever to settle on a band name. During the early stages of the band we were huge fans of the show ‘Dexter’ and his daughters name was Aster. We found another band that had that name so one day I was during down to San Diego and I was talking to Brian Tew (drums) about the name when I said “Put an H in front and what does that mean” at that moment, a huge rain storm hit me and the next thing Brian says is “It means a violet rain storm” and that was it. 
3) You have a LOT of fan support in the Pacific Northwest.  How does gigging up north differ from gigging in your home base of Orange County, Southern California?   
-Washington is our 2nd Home. It’s been so many for us throughout the years and its rewarding to see how our hard work in the countless shows out of California have paid off. I joke that we might have a bigger fan base in Seattle than we do in our own home town because in a way, we’re “over played” in our home area because its very easy to play a show every weekend so people will wait to see you which hurts the shows. When we play out of state, people make it out because they know we might only be in their area once that year. Its problem a lot of bands run into, either playing too much or too little but its good problem for us to have at this time.
4) Is there a dream city you’re dying to play?
-I think right now its New York City in our van. We know then we’ve hit the East Coast and made it 3,000+ miles across the US. But other than that, anywhere in Europe. We’re trying to get over there with help from our label, Musicarchy Media, but finances is always the problem. 
5) You run the podcast Mind Control Radio (available on iTunes).  Can you tell us about what goes on there?
-It us basically taking our fans behind the scenes and our input on things the band is planning and just whatever is going on in music. We’ve been trying really hard to get back into it but life sometimes makes it difficult to balance shows, practice and work for the podcast. 
6) You say you’ll answer any question on the podcast. Have there been any questions that made you wonder if you should’t re-evaluate that policy?
-Probably lol but I can’t remember. They might be stuff we repeat ourselves or like “When are you touring (blank) city”… but it hasn’t got X Rated yet 
7) You’ll be dropping a new album called The Current Sea in February 2016. Are there any recurring themes that are prominent in this new body of work?
-There is an underline theme throughout the album about the music industry and being lost in it. The title “The Current Sea” is a play on words from one of the new songs and it helped shape the theme for the new album.
8) We’ve watched your excellent video for your latest track, The Unscene, many times! It’s a cautionary tale to be sure. Do you have any warnings for other indie bands shopping around for record labels?
-Thank you… Really the best thing to do it just play and do what makes/seems right to you. There are no answers in the music business. Everyone second guesses every move. You have do what you think is best for your band and make moves in that route. If there was a specific science to this, everyone who be famous millionaires 
9) It looks like 2015 has been pretty good to Haster. What can we expect from you in 2016? 
-More touring, more shows, more music videos and hopefully us just continuing to grind the road and playing new areas we haven’t been to yet. We’ve excited for everyone to hear “The Current Sea” 
10) Thank you so much for spending time with us today, letting us get to know you better! Are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave us with?
-Really we are that band that talks to its fans. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Shows, etc. we love talking to our fans and the inaction we can give back. Its been an amazing journey to now and we’re really for whatever happens.

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