The Mantells 10 questions with Musuk

The Mantells are a fantastic band from Manchester. If you haven’t heard of them already then remember to check out the links below! Q1. Thank you for speaking with us at Musuk. Let’s start off with the basics, how did you all meet and form the band The Mantells? I (Dale) had met Tom when […]

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All So Simple Answer 10 Questions with Musuk!

All So Simple are a pop-punk band hailing from Inverness, Scotland. If you haven’t heard of them by now we can only assume you have been hiding under a rock. We expect big things from these guys in the very near future. Be sure to check out their links below the interview! Thanks again to […]

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Sygnal to Noise Does 10 Questions with Musuk!

Here we have it! 10 Questions with Sygnal to Noise. These guys absolutely rock, not just for doing this for us, but their music is insane! If you have not already, check them out! The links are below the interview! Thanks again guys!   Q1. Thank you for speaking to us and taking the time […]

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5/5.8 Meets MusUk! – 10 Questions

This set of 10 Questions is with one of my favorite bands on the scene. Fans of Artesyn and One Last Run have to check these guys out! They have been super busy with touring and its an honour that they took the time to do this with us at MusUk. Check out the links […]

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MusUk – 10 Questions with Slumlord Radio

Tonight’s set of 10 Questions we are bringing you a band from Honyock Records called Slumlord Radio. The guys are down to earth, as you will tell in the response!  Check it out! 1 – First things first, Who are Slumlord Radio? (names of member,who plays what etc) Tommy “Capt. Hollywood” Erickson – Vocals/Guitar Mike […]

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MusUk meets Everlit for 10 Questions

It’s a great day here at MusUK, people! I’m so excited for you to meet Everlit! An excellent Rock band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Everlit’s catchy, energetic songs are punctuated by fierce guitars, a beast of a drummer, and strong, appealing vocals. They’re super busy these days, writing and gigging, but they were kind enough […]

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Fallen Union does MusUk’s 10 Questions

Jenni @ MusUk recently had a chat with Fallen Union. Whether you are aware of the band or not, this interview will suit you! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page! Here is how it went! Hello, MusUk readers! As you know, Coldcock Whiskey sponsors some pretty great bands […]

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