MusUk’s 10 Questions with Punch Cabbie!

Punch Cabbie is a Metal/Hard Rock band coming at you from Chicago, Illinois. I ran into Punch Cabbie guitarist Frank on Twitter; Coldcock Whiskey introduced us, actually. I checked out the band account on Twitter and I was blown away! I admit Punch Cabbie is very new to me but their music is fantastic so I’m excited to get to know them better and share them with you, MusUK readers! 
1) Thank you for talking with us at MusUK today! Let’s cover a couple basics. Can you tell us how Punch Cabbie was formed? 
– Craigslist, no joke.
2) I’m always curious about how a band chooses their name. What’s the story behind the name Punch Cabbie?
-There was a taxi driver strike and we couldn’t get a taxi for anything. We said we just want to Punch a Cabbie right now. History.
3) You’re very new to me but you’ve been performing for years. In May 2015 you released your fourth EP, Myriad. Has the response to Myriad lived up to the hopes you initially had for it?
-We were very happy with the outcome of Myriad but shortly after its release we parted ways with singer Jarrett Roberts
4) Yes, you’ve had some lineup changes in the band. How have those changes helped you evolve your sound into the Punch Cabbie we hear today?
– It made us grow and change with every new addition. New artists, new ideas.
5) Your home base is the marvelous Windy City. There seems to be no shortage of venues to play or local talent to support each other on a ticket. What’s the best thing about gigging in and around Chicago?
– Best part about playing Chicago is the nightlife it’s kinda like Vegas there is always something going on.
6) I always say that music is amazing and LIVE music is magical. What’s your best memory of the very first live show you ever attended?
-With all of us it varies, but as a whole it’s just that feeling of seeing an artist and pulling inspiration from that.
7) I’m a big fan of Coldcock Whiskey and I follow several of the bands they sponsor, including Punch Cabbie. I imagine having Coldcock in your corner would present a lot of opportunities for you. How has your relationship with Coldcock Whiskey benefited the band?
-Since day one it’s been so positive. The mutual respect and the cross promotion is awesome, but the most beneficial for us was playing Mayhem Fest 2015 as the ColdCock band.
8) You subscribe to a “practice like you play” philosophy. If I dropped in on a band practice, what could I expect to see?
-We run through our set list, then usually write something new and lots of smoke breaks with some alcoholic beverages.
9) You’ve not slowed down at all in 2015 — writing and recording songs, playing shows — what’s in store for you in 2016?
-We have a new single dropping Jan. 15th with our new singer Skylar Jenson and then more shows and back in the studio to record and release a full length album by the end of the year.
10) Thank you so much for taking time with us! It’s been fun getting to know you better! Before we let you go, is there anything else you want us to know about Punch Cabbie?
-Things are always progressing so just keep up with us on social media and yes it is one of us messaging you back. Thanks Jenn and hope to see you all at a show sometime.

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