MusUk – 10 Questions with The Dead Deads

Hello, MusUK readers! I’m so psyched to bring you today’s interview! We recently got the opportunity to have a chat with the Nashville, Tennessee 5 piece Rock band, The Dead Deads. This all-female band is turning Rock upside down with their incredibly infectious music that defies genre pigeonholing. Influenced by a variety of bands including The Melvins and The Foo Fighters, fans of Punk and Metal, too, will surely be seduced into the ranks of their followers known as The Dead Corps. Let’s meet the band!
1) Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and the readers of MusUK! Can you tell us a bit about how the 5 of you met and came to be known as The Dead Deads?
We were already friends and in the case of Meta and Hella, literally sisters, and decided to get together and start jamming in Billy’s basement just for fun. We had a Halloween gig as a Dead Milkmen cover band and we used the XX’s over our eyes to be “dead”…and we liked it so much we wanted to stay “Dead.”
2) Your sound is full of Punk, Metal, and Post-Grunge anarchy. It’s a fantastic sound that refuses to be defined by standard genre tags. As you each clearly have your own musical influences, how do you manage to consistently produce such catchy and appealingly fluid songs while ensuring everyone’s individual “voice” is heard?
Thank you so much for that! We all write in one room together, and we do bring our individual influences to the table, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. As we craft parts of songs, if it isn’t fun for us to play, then we’ll tweak or discard it. On the other hand, if it’s too poppy, we’ll throw an unexpected rhythm or change the modulation to make it more interesting.
3) I discovered The Dead Deads on Twitter. Indeed, many bands featured here on MusUK have been found on Twitter. I would expect that Twitter helps you better connect with and grow your fan base compared to more traditional or grassroots methods of promotion. Do you agree?
Absolutely it does! We love staying connected and making new friends on Twitter – it’s fun, and we learn a lot. There is a give and take there that you don’t have with one-way promotion blasts via traditional media outlets.
4) In the last couple decades, talented women like yourselves have blown the doors off the institution of male-dominated Rock music. What advice would you give to other women who are looking to pursue a career in Rock?
There is no bag of money waiting to drop in your lap, so make sure you’re having fun – that might be the only reward you get! (File under: “hard work is its own reward.”) But also take it seriously – sharpen your skills, craft good songs, take risks, promote yourself, network with other musicians, participate in your local music scene.
5) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
IF?? We revealed our superpowers in our Lemonade video – Billy controls the weather, Meta has telekenisis, Betty can see the future, Hella controls fire, and Daisy has a green thumb on steriods.
6) Lemonade and The Glow are two of my favorite songs from you.  What song(s) would you recommend to someone who wanted to check you out for the first time?
Thank you! Lemonade for sure, that is definitely a fan favorite. To get a sense for our harder side, I’d point them to Nope. Glow was the first song played on the local rock station – we have a video for that and also for our straight-forward rocker, Organ P. Okay, just listen to all of Rainbeau! 
7) I’ve not seen The Dead Deads live. Yet! What might I expect when I find myself in your audience for the first time?
It’s an old-school rock show. Billy Dead is a beast on drums, Daisy Dead grooves along with her, Hella Dead dances her butt off, Betty Dead rocks the solos, and Meta Dead sings, growls, whispers, and wails. It may takes a couple songs, but soon you’ll be headbanging and throwing horns and having a great time with everyone.
8) Every musician I’ve ever met has had to work a day job to pay the bills while pursuing their music career. What is the worst job any of you ever had?
We’ve blocked out those bad memories!
9) What does 2016 have in store for The Dead Deads?
We are pumped to start out in January with Shiprocked, playing with 5 Finger Death Punch, Seether, and Halestorm! We have some other local and regional shows in January and February, working on other dates for spring and summer. It’s our dream to play in the UK, so we do have an eye on that! In the meantime, we have several songs written and are in the process of recording and putting together our next EP and then a full record…and more videos!
10) Thank you so much for taking this time to let us at MusUK and our readers get to know you better! Before we let you get back to work, is there anything else you want us to know?
We’re all DIY, so very much appreciate the opportunity! We look forward to what 2016 will bring and hope to see you soon! Keep up with us in Nashville, on tour, on Twitter, FB, and our semi-weekly Tumblr posts!

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