Fallen Union does MusUk’s 10 Questions

Jenni @ MusUk recently had a chat with Fallen Union. Whether you are aware of the band or not, this interview will suit you! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page! Here is how it went!

Hello, MusUk readers! As you know, Coldcock Whiskey sponsors some pretty great bands and today’s guest is a part of that fantastic roster. We recently got the opportunity to sit down with Riverside, California-based Rock band, Fallen Union! We here at MusUk are very pleased to bring you this interview and we know you’ll love them as much as we do!


1) Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer 10 Questions for us! Let’s start really basic and get you introduced to the MusUK readers. What are your names and what are each of your roles in Fallen Union?
JT – No problem, we enjoy sharing our music and our message, so thanks for having us.
JT – Vocals
Julez – Bass
PJ – Drums
Henry – Guitar
JT – And as far as our roles, we all contribute to the band evenly, I think that is one of the reasons why we get along so well, we truly do have a great chemistry, the likes of which I have never experienced before with musicians, so it feels pretty good.
2) How did the name Fallen Union come about?
Julez – Well, JT and I got together from a previous band and wanted to put a new project together. Once we decided on a direction of the band we knew the name was going to be the hard part, and after toying with a long list of names over a period of several months, it all came down to JT and I being at the bar watching the Steelers game with some family and friends and we started playing with names again and it just came out over dinner, I think the many beers may have had something to do with it because once we said it, we knew that was it, haha…
3) When I listen to your music, I hear a lot of Punk and even some Rockabilly vibes coming through your Rock music.  Who have been or continue to be some of the biggest influences on you and the sound you’ve cultivated?
JT – We have all been doing this for a very long time, and it’s taken years to come across a bunch of guys like this that just click, we all have many different influences, too many to name really, but we grew up in the 80’s, when hair bands dominated the scene..Fortunately for us, we have acquired a sound that is fresh and new and not dated…I think our vast influences combined actually have made this project what it is…To us, it’s very important to stay up to date with the music scene and be current, but at the same time, stay true to who we are and hopefully people will hear our message.
4) A lot of indie Southern California bands talk about how difficult gigging can be in Orange County, L.A., etc. They sometimes find ticket and merchandise sales to be challenging. Do you share that experience?
Henry – Absolutely…Its been an ongoing battle for years to be able to get a great quality show booked at a solid venue within the LA area without having to sell tickets…We understand that the venues need to make money, but there is a certain level of corporate greed that is taking over the music scene with these establishments and it’s discouraging…Instead of focusing on the bands, and the fans that come to support them, it would seem that the venues only care about how much they are going to make that night…That is why we are very selective with the shows we book…We want our fans to be excited to come see us, it’s very important for us to entertain them, but sometimes it’s hard for them to do that, because by the time they buy the ticket, spend money on gas coming out to see us, then pay for parking, then do the 2 drink minimum, you are already looking at $60 to $100 bucks already that they are in the hole for, just to see us play for 30 to 40 mins…I wish there was another way to operate in the LA/OC scene, but right now, the struggle is very real unfortunately, haha….But, we do have a lot of support from other bands and friends that make it worth it, and there still are a few promoters out there that are great to work with, but they are a rare breed.
5) I love your song No Longer Am. It was the first track you released. How has the response been to that song compared to your more recently released songs?
PJ –  Actually, we are pretty happy because it would seem that the 4 song EP we just released has been getting some great feedback…No Longer Am we felt had a great hook, and that is why we released it first, we felt that it was the perfect song to debut the band with and it’s been working
6) The subsequent tracks I’ve heard, Jesus Junkies and Trapped, sound like they sit really well alongside each other.  Did you have to really pick and choose which of your songs to include to get the EP you wanted or did it all just come together pretty organically?
Julez – It was a very easy process really, as we where writing we kind of knew already what songs we where going to use. We have always run the band as a business and we always vote on everything and in this particular case there was no disputing, we all wanted the same thing, again, it’s just another reason why this band clicks so well.
7) I have visited Southern California tons of times but never Riverside.  If I came out there and hung out with Fallen Union for the weekend, what favorite things/places of yours would you absolutely HAVE to share with me?
PJ – There are a few places to visit, I would actually say “Disneyland anyone”? Haha..No, really there are all kinds of bars around and I can guarantee that if you where going to roll with Fallen Union for a night, we would party like its 1999 and you would remember it for the rest of your days…Hahaha
8) We know not to judge a book by its cover but can you tell us something about yourselves that we’d find surprising if we WERE making assumptions about you based on your rocker, badass appearance?
Henry – Yeah, we are all gentle souls..Haha…
9) You have some shows coming up in the Orange County area in 2016.  What can we expect from your live performances?
JT – We are actually in the process of putting our calendar together for the year and yes we have several shows being lined up and a little Vegas tour in the summer…The things you can expect when you go to a Fallen Union show is this: You will absolutely be entertained from 1st song to the last and you will leave the club wanting more. Our message is clear, and that is to inspire your soul and to capture your attention with good music.
10) I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to talk with me today! It’s been great getting to know you better! Before you go, is there anything else you would like for us at MusUK and your fans to know?
JT – We want to thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview with us, we really appreciate all the people who are willing to sit and listen to what we are all about. We also want to thank all our friends and family’s who have been there from day 1 watching this thing happen and showing the support. It never goes unnoticed…We look forward to sharing our music with the world and we hope we have the opportunity to meet more great people like you guys along this journey….Fallen Union
Instagram: F_U_Rox
Twitter: @FallenUnion

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