MusUk – 10 Questions with Slumlord Radio

Tonight’s set of 10 Questions we are bringing you a band from Honyock Records called Slumlord Radio. The guys are down to earth, as you will tell in the response!  Check it out!

1 – First things first, Who are Slumlord Radio? (names of member,who plays what etc)

Tommy “Capt. Hollywood” Erickson – Vocals/Guitar

Mike “El Ace” Todd – Bass

Matt “Rattlesnake” Claucherty


2 – You have been a band for a good few years now, How has the band succeeded to stay together?

We’ve been a band since 2010. You know, it’s been pretty easy to keep the ol’ S.S. Slumlord Radio ship afloat. We all enjoy each other’s company, we keep churning out new stuff to keep ourselves entertained, and we always just keep our nose to the grindstone. Finding a group of people you jam with that you enjoy hanging with can be tough, so we always try be grateful for it.


3 – The new album “Too Pretty for Tijuana” is available everywhere!, Spotify, Google Play, I-Tunes etc. Has it had the response you were expecting?

You know we’ve been pleasantly surprised! Hell even our folks dug it! It’s been really cool to see people getting a kick out of it. We owe Ryan Cunningham of Black Port Audio who produced it a big hug! He really did a great job with the sound and helping get it out of us. We’ve almost made enough back on it to pay off our massive band gambling debts!


4 – Who would you say inspires you as a band?

 It really runs the gamut. Definitely good old dirty Detroit rock like The Stooges and MC5 left a big impression on us. Motorhead (RIP Lemmy and Philthy Animal!), G’N’R, The Wildhearts, Clutch, Say Anything, Circa Survive, Murder City Devils, Union Carbide Productions, Kyuss, Mudhoney.


5 – Including “Too Pretty for Tijuana” you have a pretty impressive back catalogue. Over the time how has the fan base changed?

Yeah we try to keep churning out new music/albums as much as we can! It’s cool, we’ve played so many dives now, all over the place, that we are finding that more and more folks have heard of us. We placed 4rd in the Gus Macker 3 on 3 basketball tournament. That only helped raise our profile and get us more fans!


6 – If you were asked to support a huge artist, You have 5 tracks to play. What 5 songs would you choose to play live to entice people into your music?


Call Me Chief


Fort Knox



7 – When playing a show, what track makes the crowd go wild!?

“Bullwhip” our single off of “Too Pretty For Tijuana”. It’s catchy, dirty and makes you want to go shine up your drinking/dancing shoes buddy!


8 – Again, When playing a show, Do you guys play any cover songs!?

Oh yeah we like to throw in some gems. We’ll do some Stooges, MC5, Motorhead, Beastie Boys, Rick James, Rage Against the Machine. Hell we even got sauced and played the Shawn Michaels (the WWE wrassler) theme song “Sexy Boy”.


9 – As a band, What was Slumlord Radio’s biggest achievement of 2015?

Putting out an album we are proud of, and doing a music video for the song “Bullwhip”.  We recorded it in Beijing, China with the help of Three Goats Moving Pictures. Subsequently we are now banned in China. Still really proud of the video though!

Here is the link:

10 – Is there anything you want to say to your fans or us at MusUk!?

Just a little advice. Don’t piss on a electric fence,  it won’t work in your favor.






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