5/5.8 Meets MusUk! – 10 Questions

This set of 10 Questions is with one of my favorite bands on the scene. Fans of Artesyn and One Last Run have to check these guys out! They have been super busy with touring and its an honour that they took the time to do this with us at MusUk. Check out the links at the end but bare in mind there is currently no recordings with 5/5.8 new vocalist! Check it out!

  1. 5/5.8, A 5 piece band from Eastbourne/London. Tell us about the 5 of you’s! 

We have Amber Satchwell on Vocals, James Taylor for Lead Guitar and Danny Smith on Rhythm Guitar, John Heath for Bass and Liam Washford-Bent for Drums.


  1. You recently let us know that you have just came off tour, how was the whole experience? 

Overall we found this tour an amazing experience to try out our plans for the EP song wise and gain feedback from audience response but also the other bands we played with, we had the opportunity to spend time with such lovely people, especially Bedlam Bookings who we cannot thank enough for their overall kindness.

  1. Near the end of last year you guys toured with One Last Run, We love One Last Run at MusUk and I am certain that they were super supportive towards you. What are the main memories you have touring with them?

We love One Last Run, they are such lovely people but also talented musicians who made us feel welcomed not only on the tour but into their lives in general and we now call them our friends. One of the fondest memories would be our Halloween show in which we all looked ridiculous – including James wearing a tutu – but had such a great time celebrating together and supporting one another doing what we love.

  1. On the bands bandcamp account, you only have the song “Trial Period”. Since that release you have lost and gained a vocalist, Amber Satchwell. Has the change from male vocals to female vocals changed the sound of the band as a whole?

Sadly there are only two songs currently available to the public, ‘Trial Period’ and ‘Love and Cobain’, while these are still played having Amber now on vocals has meant we are heading back into the studio to show everyone what we can do! Initially we kept the songs fairly similar to before however they have now been through an overhaul including key change to really show of not only Amber’s vocal talent but what we as a band can give to our music. While this has been a huge change we feel people will be pleasantly surprised with what we have to bring to the table with our music.

  1. Don’t mean to put you on the spot Amber, but what can you bring to the band as a vocalist compared to “the old” singer. 

As generic as it sounds ‘I’ve been singing my whole life’ which is completely true, my entire background is in performance both acting and vocally but in many different styles therefore I feel my knowledge of my own voice, my previous classical training and overall determination to constantly improve my abilities will lead the band to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

  1. You are away to work on the new EP really soon, which we cannot wait for! What can we expect for the future release?

We can’t wait to be able to share our sound with the world, it’s been a long hard journey to get to this point but we couldn’t be more ready! We want as many people to hear it as possible and there has been talk of returning back to our favourite gig places, bands and even a video to promote what we hope everyone will enjoy as much as we have enjoyed the process – all hands are on deck and we are ready!


  1. We mentioned you toured with One Last Run, but more recently you have toured with a few other bands! What is it as a band that you like the most about touring with different bands?

As we are writing this we’ve literally just got back from our first Birmingham gig which was an amazing experience, we find touring an opportunity to meet our fans old and new, connect with them but also other bands. It’s a valuable opportunity to get to know our world as 5/5.8 face to face with these awesome people rather than relying on the internet. There is nothing more rewarding than someone saying they enjoyed what we did on stage as that’d what we live for!

  1. This question can be for you as individuals or as 5/5.8. What bands or artists inspire you the most?

Between us we have quite a wide selection of music we love; Amber’s background has been in Musical Theatre, John loves Duran Duran and it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear rap or pirate metal coming from the tour van! Overall one band we can all agree on has always been Avenged Sevenfold which we often jam along to, for us we grew up watching them go from small stages over in America to playing these amazing places Download Festival which would be an absolute dream! Overall we are inspired by the people that go out there and share what they love with the world, whatever music genre it is they all have the same origins and I think it gives it a certain vulnerability, you really do put your emotions, time and effort on the line to pursue this career so anyone who picks themselves up and keeps going to achieve their dreams we salute you!

  1. Last year, 2015, you guys toured a lot, gained new fans but what can we expect from 5/5.8 in 2016?

We intend to get our music out there, even if we can’t get to where our fans our we want them to feel part of our music whether that be having the EP, music video or seeing a lot more from us online, we want them to get to know us but also we want to get to know them as they are the ones that have already got us this far.

  1. This last question is always the same! Is there anything you want to tell your fans and us at MusUk??

Keep your eyes peeled, we have a lot coming up from the EP and many other projects in the pipeline so be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date – lots of changes but also lots of truly amazing things!






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