Sygnal to Noise Does 10 Questions with Musuk!

Here we have it! 10 Questions with Sygnal to Noise. These guys absolutely rock, not just for doing this for us, but their music is insane! If you have not already, check them out! The links are below the interview! Thanks again guys!


Q1. Thank you for speaking to us and taking the time to answer our questions. Many of our readers may not have heard of Sygnal To Noise so starting with the basics, who are you all and how did you form Sygnal To Noise?

We are a four piece hard rock band from Maine USA. Coopa on vocals & guitar, “Dirty” Dave on guitar, Austin on drums, and John “the Viking” on Bass. Sygnal To Noise was formed in 2013 with the goal of bringing back the fun and excitement of rock n roll. We felt that the fun of rock n roll has been missing for many years and wanted to change that. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We just enjoy entertaining people with straight forward, hard hitting, rock n roll. Bands like: Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, and Kiss have inspired us and paved the way. We just want to continue what our idols started and serve it up to today’s youth.

Q2. What made you decide on the name Sygnal To Noise for the band name?

It was the name of a computer font. Coopa just dug the sound of it, so he created the band around that name.

Q3. Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from?

Life. The lyrics are sometimes silly in nature, and sometimes serious. They all come from a real place. Honesty is the only way to truly connect with your listeners.

Q4. We noticed you played a show with Scott Stapp, the lead vocalist from Creed, how did this show come about and how were you feeling in the lead up to the show?

Our management set it up for us. We have played with many other national/international acts over the past few years. The bigger shows are really no different than the smaller club shows. The process is the same just on a bigger scale. We just truly enjoy playing. Scott Stapp was very gracious and the crowd was very receptive to us. We had a blast! I also bumped into Todd La Torre of Queensryche at that show. Queensryche had played the Palladium the night before, and was still in town doing some radio promo. I was able to chat with him at a pizzeria that was near the venue before I had to leave to do sound-check. I had played with Queensryche a few years prior in another band that I was in called Hour Past. So it was very cool to touch base with Todd and chat with him again. He is a very down to earth fella. Scott Stapp was also very humble and kind to us and his touring crew were amazing. It is nice when you do these bigger shows and the headlining act treats you with respect. We really appreciate Scott and hope to share the stage with him in the future.

Q5. How do you all feel the show went?

It went very well! We had a blast! The crowd was very responsive and got crazy with us. It could not have gone any better!

Q6. Your music is available worldwide but how would you entice someone to listen to the band if they haven’t heard of you before?

I don’t think you can really entice people anymore. Everything is at a fans fingertips now because of technology. So I think if you just put yourself out there, and be true to who and what you are, they will find you.

Q7. Which of your songs would you put in a time capsule that was to opened in 70 years?

Cool question, hard to answer. I guess it would depend on what mood I was in at the time.

Q8.  We noticed you have been nominated for two awards, Best in Maine 2014 by the New England Music Awards and Best International Band 2015 by TBFM from the UK, how did it feel being nominated for these two awards?

We also just recently got nominated for best Metal Band in New England 2015 by the New England Music Awards. Although, we feel that we are more of a hard rock band than metal band. We are still very humbled by the nomination. It’s always an honor when people acknowledge your work. For us winning, or losing doesn’t matter because it doesn’t the direction the band is going in. We just love what we do and will keep doing it till we can’t anymore.

Q9. Where do you see Sygnal To Noise in the next 10 years?

We try not to look to far ahead. In this business, we feel it is always best to just look to each day and make the most of it. Thinking too far ahead ruins the magic and spontaneous spirit that is rock n roll.

Q10. Thank you again for answering these questions. Is there anything else you would like to let our readers and your fans know?

Thank you for enjoying and supporting the spirit of rock n roll! All of you out there are the reason why rock n roll will never die! Mr. Gene Simmons says rock n roll is dead. Well, we see night after night, show after show, how much he is wrong!



Sygnal to Noise Official Website

Sygnal to Noise Twitter

Sygnal to Noise YouTube

Sygnal to Noise Instagram




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