The Mantells 10 questions with Musuk

The Mantells are a fantastic band from Manchester. If you haven’t heard of them already then remember to check out the links below!

Q1. Thank you for speaking with us at Musuk. Let’s start off with the basics, how did you all meet and form the band The Mantells?

I (Dale) had met Tom when we were briefly in a band together, but due to musical similarities we went in separate directions , can’t really remember when I first met my brother, probably in the hospital shortly after he was born, I can remember staying at my nana’s flat, I would have been about 2, I can remember that, but I can’t tell you what I did last week. 

We started the band around last Christmas, filling out Toms acoustic tracks with drums and bass, not drum and bass, that would be a different sound altogether.

Q2. Where does the band name come from?

The band name was Lewis’ thing, we had a big list full of names and it was the least bad not taken name, I think it had something to do with a paleontologist, there are that many different stories. The main thing we had a gig two weeks after and couldn’t go on without a name!

 Q3. You released your first demo EP, “How To Say It”, in early 2014, and you have another EP, “Cant Stop, Wont Stop”, ready for release on 29th January, How do you feel the reaction to the new EP will be compared to the first EP?

I think the first EP we tried to get a very live and raw sound across, I think the older songs have mellowed when we play them now, I think you can see that with the two singles we released between the EP’s. I think we have developed as a band and are now constructing the songs from the ground up rather than painting over an acoustic song. I almost think the songs have better messages to them too!

Q4. “Stop To Think” was featured on BBC Introducing Manchester, Do you feel this gave you a bigger fan base as a result?

Being on this side of the social media, you really see whatever you do and the impact it has, like after a gig you can see all the people you have talked to getting onto it and you can keep in touch. Things like the bbc has a very switched on following, so it’s nice to recruit them, it’s all about mobilising a small army of people wherever we play and everyone is important to us we always try and talk to everyone at the gigs.

Q5. You are playing your biggest show to date, Manchester Ritz, on Friday 29th January, How are you feeling in the lead up to this gig?

I’m really looking forward to it, I mean I’ve seen some amazing bands there and to think we will be on that stage is mind blowing but it also makes you think about doors that are opening and the opportunities in the future and where we can be, currently this isn’t our 9 til 5, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Q6. Ok time for a fun question, If you were stuck in an elevator with another musician, Who would it be and why?

Unfortunately I have been stuck in an elevator with another musicians, I’d you class a drummer as a musician, me and my brother, Lewis , got stuck in an elevator in a old mill,  you know the type with the metal cage doors that you have to slide 2 things, well big Sam got in first and covered the whole sign that says ‘max 6 people’ so 8 of us got in this 100 year old  contraption. 
It actually got about a foot off the ground and stopped. 
We got a massive shouting at from somone on the 6th floor. And how the fire brigade would take an hour to get here, 
So lewis armed only with a set of keys and a thing to tighten your dust caps on your car so tight they can’t be nicked managed to open the electricity box and poke a door release. Keeping in mind he is poking in ancient electrics with a key and we are in a metal box. 
So probably lewis, as long as he has his keys with him.
The other thing I’ve noticed is lifts don’t have a hatch in the roof like in films!

Q7. Do you all contribute equally to the song writing process or is there just one of you who does it all?

Tom writes most of his material wilst sat on the toilet, so he is the main man at the moment, but we do chip in and alter things, there is a funny aside about payday playboys, and what it could have been, but will save that for another time!

Q8. What song(s) would you recommend to someone who has not heard of you yet?

All of our music is available for free, either on SoundCloud or YouTube, so have a pilfer through yourself. Everyone we speak to has a different favorite, we are very keen on everyone being able to listen to our stuff, but if you want to own a physical thing we do a limited run of CD’s. The last single Payday Playboys is a favorite of ours.

Q9. We found you guys on twitter, Do you feel social media is a better way to connect with new fans and get your music heard?

I think social media can be a double edged sword, obviously we get to meet loads of interesting people from all round the world. But there is no real filter, you can almost get lost in amongst everyone else with the same platform.  I’ve always thought about starting a band with no music and seeing what happens with just social media. 

Q10. Thank you again for speaking to us. Before we go, Is there anything we have missed that you wish to let our readers and Musuk know?

Me and Lewis were once on the Antiques Roadshow.

The Mantells Twitter

The Mantells Soundcloud

The Mantells Youtube

The Mantells Instagram

The Mantells Facebook


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