More than Most

Hello, MusUK readers! Oh, are you in for a treat today! More Than Most has very kindly agreed to a 10 Questions with us! This Alt/Rock/Electro 5-piece from London came storming onto the scene about a year and a half ago and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. I’m excited for you to meet them so let’s get to those 10 Questions!
1) Thank you so much for taking time to talk with us here at MusUK! Let’s start really basic. Can you tell us how you decided on the name More Than Most?
Leandro! He was listening to one of his favorite bands, Flyleaf, when he heard the lyric “More Than Most” and it must have just stuck with him!! Worked out great in my opinion!
2) Only Izzy (vocals) and Daniel (guitar) are UK natives. Leandro (guitar) is from Brazil, Mok (bass) is from Algeria, and Cole (drums) is American. What were the circumstances that brought the three of them to the UK and how did you all come together to round out the More Than Most lineup?
Back in the day, Leandro the old man that he is, came to London to pursue his dream life in music and worked really hard in multiple projects.  Along the way he ended up in a band called, The Outsiders.  He played with Mok in that band and after the band ended and Leandro started MTM, he invited Mok to play too.  They looked back at their experiences in their previous projects and invited Dan to the band.  The hardest part was finding a vocalist and drummer and if I remember correctly they auditioned literally 100 drummers alone to see if they could find the perfect fits.  They came across Izzy’s amazing style and unique voice and really felt that it was right.  They went on to record a couple of songs in the studio before making a video for “Remember Who You Are” and promoting the search for a drummer.  I (Cole) saw the video and immediately fell in love.  I hit them up and told them I would buy the first plane ticket from Minnesota to London just for the chance to audition.  Needless to say, it worked! And thankfully it has been the best decision I have ever made and I am so grateful to have found these guys as we are all such true brothers for life now!
3) Songs like You’re Not Alone and Feed the Fire are full of positive messages about hope, not giving up, and reminding people that they’re not as isolated as they think. Your fans have responded very passionately to these songs and have made it very clear how much your music means to them. With that in mind, what has been your most rewarding experience with a fan?
Wow! Honestly it is hard to pick one in specific.  We truly cherish every moment and memory we make with them and are proud to have such an amazing MTMFamily.  For me, its every time I hear them sing those lyrics so loud at our gigs.  To see the passion for the music in their eyes in combination with that heart-warming MTMFamily chorus, is what makes me feel pretty emotional myself to be honest!
4) You named MTM’s debut EP, Impossible is Temporary, after a lyric in You’re Not Alone. Are there any other lyrics from your own work that you’re especially fond of or that hold special significance for you?
This is probably best coming from Izzy but he is not nearby at the moment!  I am sure I have heard him say, “If wind won’t fill your sails, then take to the oars,” is one of his favorites and most meaningful.  I agree!  My personal favorite is the entirety of Save Me From Myself…
5) If your video for Feed the Fire is any indication of what we can expect from a MTM show, count me in! I see great onstage energy, massive appreciation from the audience, and you just really look like you love what you do. What is your favorite thing about performing live?
Definitely the exhilarating feeling we get!  Putting that amount of energy into a performance most certainly can be exhausting but uplifting at the same time.   It is unbelievable how strong that feeling is and it is one of the main reasons we do what we do.
6) Let’s have some fun! We’re going to an amusement park! I want to head straight for the roller coasters. Are you coming with me or am I joining you on a completely different ride?
I’m turning back… TO GET THE EXPRESS TICKETS!!! Let’s be first in line and last car on the track to get the most wild ride!
7) I really love your acoustic versions of other people’s songs. Would you ever consider releasing an acoustic covers album or would you prefer any acoustic release be all original songs?
That’s actually a really good idea!  I think we would probably do most originals, then maybe throw a cover in, but there is no limits!  If we get the opportunity and time to do that I would be more than happy to.
8) With five of you working together to craft songs you can all be proud of, I’m sure you guys don’t always see eye to eye. When it comes up, how do you handle a disagreement on the direction of a song?
Luckily, if any of that happens we put it to a vote and that typically solves it.  However, with Dan’s departure that even vote is no longer available.  So if we really can’t decide, Leandro usually can manage to persuade us with his true power.
9) The past year and a half has been pretty amazing for More Than Most. From the well-received release of Impossible is Temporary, to your sold out live debut supporting Dirt, to headlining gigs, it’s been success after success. What does 2016 have in store for MTM? 
New music!!! We are way too excited to let everyone know that we are confirmed to hit the studio early this year.  Our debut album will be the biggest thing for us to date!
10) I can’t thank you enough for taking time out to chat with us today! Before we let you go, is there any last thing you’d like us to know about More Than Most?
We are incredibly thankful for all of you that listen to our music and look forward to spending time with us.  We are all proud of the amount of relativity we share together and the friendships and family we have created!  Keep up to date on Twitter (@mtmukofficial) FaceBook ( or so that you can come hang with us soon!

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