In-Depth with You May Kiss The Bride!

Heaps of you YMKTB and Musuk fans and followers loved the previous “10 Questions” that we did with YMKTB. Starting from….well….today Musuk are proud to announce we will now also be doing an interview called “In-Depth”. The difference between our “10 Questions” and “In-Depth” are the amount of questions, the topics of the questions whereas the “10 Questions” mainly focus on introducing a Band or Artist.  We are fortunate again to team up with YMKTB for another awesome read! We love this band and are absolutely proud to bring you this! Hope you all enjoy!


Q1 – What has been going on with “YMKTB” since you last done our “10 Questions”? 

We recorded a single and we just signed with a major Turkish label called DMC(Dogan Music Company) . It was a good experience because it’s our first single in Turkish language . And we got really cool reactions about that single and music video too . We have lots of shows in our country and we ‘re looking forward .

Q2- You recently teamed up with “Fatma Turgut” for Bensiz bir Sen, Unfortunately MusUk are not aware of “Fatma Turgut” before now. It has had a lot of hits on You Tube. Has it been as popular as you all thought and would it be something you would do again with another artist?
Yeah dude maybe , why not ? Certainly !
Q3 – We try to follow bands and artists which we have worked with to the best of our ability, on twitter we noticed you posted YMKTB in a magazine. Tell us about it!?
In our country we have just one magazine about our music genre . And we made an interview with them . Also our fans are sending a lot of photos with our interview then we ‘re sharing them in our social media accounts .
Q4 – Last time we spoke with you’s, you were wanting to come and play some shows here in the UK!, Do you have any plans that may be brining you here soon?
Unfortunately not , you should ask to your bookers …
Q5 – Even if it is not in the UK, Has the band got any plans to travel to play shows?
Yeah we ‘re getting contacts in Europe scene .
Q6 – It was @Real_Dani_Musuk that originally fell in love with your music and who done the first interview with yourselves. Being 100% honest after we published that interview our hits went absolutely crazy. Your fan base is insane and are loyal! You must realise you have an incredible fan base. Since the start of 2016 has it grown even bigger? and how do you keep fans happy to stay…FANS?
#ymktbfamily have no limits . We ‘re doing everything together . Also we ‘re happy for growing your fan base too .
Q7  – If MusUk were to hang out with YMKTB for a typical 24 hours in the life of YMKTB, In greatest detail what would we expect?
Umm absolutely coke,tequila,whiskey !
Q8 – Last time you let us know you do not play any cover songs, but if you guys did, it would be Ke$ha’s – Take it Off. Has it happened yet!? and is there any of covers you now wish to do?
Yeah we ‘re working on it.
Q9 – Everybody loves Movies, right? If you could make me watch any movie, would would you make me watch!?
Alptug : You don’t need to watch any movies go and make your own ! And make them watch !
    Berkay : Or maybe just watch us when we ‘re making our dreams to come true , it will be best movie all around world .
    Korhan : Sure , Harry Potter movies .
    Enes : Brazzers
    Baris : Star Wars Galaxy f*cks
Q10 – Roughly the same question but for a song, If you could make me listen to any song, what would it be that you’d make me listen to?
Alptug : Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata 
      Berkay : Asking Alexandria – The Lost Souls 
      Korhan : Avenged Sevenfold – I Won’t See You Tonight
      Enes – The Ghost Inside – Engine 45
      Baris – Suicide Silence – Unanswered
Q11 – YMKTB are from Turkey. Turkey has been on the News a few times in the past year. Has it affected you guys in anyway and what are you views on the whole thing?
We had terror attacks as always . And we hate it but you know , we should carry on and do whatever we want . Also we ‘re not only one who had terror attacks in all around the world so as we always said ” We should be together against the terrorism .”
Q12 – YMKTB, theoretically speaking, We are in the year 2021, where would you like to see yourselves as a band?
You will see us on Vans Warped Tour 2021 .
Q13 – In a previous interview with us you mentioned a lot of line up changed, What is the secret that keep YMKTB together?
Coz we are a family and that’s it !
Q14 – The question I love to ask is always about hobbies, A question for you as individuals, What are you biggest hobbies!?
Alptug : Spending time with my love
      Berkay and Korhan : League Of Legends !
      Enes : Hangout with girls .
      Baris : Eating pizza.
Q15 – I would like to thank you for doing a more in detail interview with MusUk, I appreciate every second you take to do this. Every time I conclude an Interview 99% of the time I ask the same Question. Is there anything, anything at all you would like to tell us at MusUk and you massive fan base!?
We love you #ymktbfamily .

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