In-Depth with Tim Rogner!

John @ Musuk was fortunate, fortunate to get to interview a member of one of his most favourite bands, an inspiration to him growing up, a reason why Musuk exists today! Talking about his bands Allister and his new project Hot Alice, we bring you our “In-Depth with” Tim Rogner!   Phineas Gage, Later to […]

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In-Depth with You May Kiss The Bride!

Heaps of you YMKTB and Musuk fans and followers loved the previous “10 Questions” that we did with YMKTB. Starting from….well….today Musuk are proud to announce we will now also be doing an interview called “In-Depth”. The difference between our “10 Questions” and “In-Depth” are the amount of questions, the topics of the questions whereas […]

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City of the Weak’s “Stef”

Musuk had an amazing opportunity to catch up with Stef from “City of the Weak” Be sure to check out their links at the end of the page! 1 – City of the Weak, you released you debut EP “Disclosure” back in April 2014. Since the release how has life been for the band? Well […]

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More than Most

Hello, MusUK readers! Oh, are you in for a treat today! More Than Most has very kindly agreed to a 10 Questions with us! This Alt/Rock/Electro 5-piece from London came storming onto the scene about a year and a half ago and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. I’m excited for you to […]

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MusUk Meets…..Calling All Astronauts!

I know MusUk has been pretty quiet so far in 2016, it is not because we have been doing nothing! We have had plans and new ┬áideas on how to make MusUk better for us, for the artists and of course for all of you guys! Even with the growing popularity of MusUk we still […]

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The Mantells 10 questions with Musuk

The Mantells are a fantastic band from Manchester. If you haven’t heard of them already then remember to check out the links below! Q1. Thank you for speaking with us at Musuk. Let’s start off with the basics, how did you all meet and form the band The Mantells? I (Dale) had met Tom when […]

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All So Simple Answer 10 Questions with Musuk!

All So Simple are a pop-punk band hailing from Inverness, Scotland. If you haven’t heard of them by now we can only assume you have been hiding under a rock. We expect big things from these guys in the very near future. Be sure to check out their links below the interview! Thanks again to […]

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