MusUk Meets…..Calling All Astronauts!

I know MusUk has been pretty quiet so far in 2016, it is not because we have been doing nothing! We have had plans and new  ideas on how to make MusUk better for us, for the artists and of course for all of you guys! Even with the growing popularity of MusUk we still remain only 3 person team which is completly self funded. After our break we decided to start of big and bring you our interview with “Calling All Astronauts”! Enjoy!

We do normally do our infamous “10 Questions” but …we are short of one….Hopefully after this opportunity we can work with “Calling all Astronauts” again in the near future.

Hey, We know you feel very strong about fans of artists helping support the artists by owning their music. So we will take the opportunity to get to know “Calling all Astronauts” by starting this interview with normal questions.


Q1 – Calling all Astronauts, 3 – Piece Alternative Rock band from London. Tell us about yourselfs? 

David B – Vocals/programming

J – Guitars

Paul McCrudden – Bass


We we all in another band called US:UK together years ago we played with the likes of Faith No More, PWEI, Neds Atomic Dustbin etc, after which J was in a band called Caffeine who toured with The Offspring, AFI, NFG etc, Paul went on to be in Goth stalwarts The Marrionettes, I (David) bumped into J one day and we just decided to start making music together again, our first bassist Kristi left t have a baby so we instantly thought of Paul and he joined just as we started work on the second album



Q2 – You blasted out in 2011 with your first single “Someone Like You” What was your overall response and reaction to the release? 

It was amazing, you never expect people to like your music, but we ended up in the studio at BBC 6 Music being interviewed by Tom Robinson



Q3 – In media, Calling all Astronauts, have been compared to the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Mindless Self Indulgence and even The Human League. If you were to pick a genre of music that your style was categorised, What would you say?


I think we are a mash up between retro alternative rock and modern dance music, yes you can hear our influences clearly in what we do, and we are always flattered to be compared to people we hold in high esteem like NIN, MSI and MM, we kinda make dark dance music for rock fans


Q4 – As said is Q3, You’ve been compared with a lot of different artists. What artists have been an influence to you, each individually or as a band?

J loves Kiss

Paul really likes people like Primus, Machine Head, The Gods

David, Im quite eclectic, I listen to Punk, Goth, Old School Hiphop, DNB, Northern Soul and Indie in pretty much equal amounts



Q5 – While we are talking about touring, To this date, What show would you say has been the best show you have played?


Our headline show at Death Disco at Notting Hill Arts Club was awesome, a mosh pit and crowd surfing from a Made In Chelsea crowd was hilarious. I had a quite special moment at Kendal Calling Festival, I looked to the side of the stage and Tim Burgess was watching us, that was quite humbling


Q6 – So I go to see Calling all Astronauts Live! Would I expect to hear any cover material???


We have only ever done “I Wanna Be Your Dog Live” I’m not sure its going to make the new set, although an updated version of it, will be the B-side of our next single “Time To Fight Back” we love The Stooges


Q7 – New Single, which is available on I-Tunes, is called “Empire”. How has it been for the release?

Its been remarkable, we hit the #1 spot on the Hypem Twitter Music Chart and then spent 3 months on The Official European Indie Chart peaking at a creditable #2


Q8 – Over social media you give us teasers that you are working on a new album for 2016, What can we expect in the album???


The new album “Anti-Social Network” is released on March 11th, sonically it is a lot different than Post Modern Conspiracy as my skills as a producer have improved, as per usually we deal with a lot of Socio-Political issue, it took us 20 months to record in my lounge, and we are all really proud of it


Q9 – Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything at all you wish to tell us at MusUk and your awesome supportive fan base!? 


When it comes to music, don’t like an artist because of peer pressure, like them because you believe in their music, and never be afraid to tell your friends you don’t like what they listen to.


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